Kanye West

Jun Sato/WireImage

Kanye West once again took to his Twitter account to complain about his life. After a recent interview with Matt Lauer, Kanye said that he felt "tortured" by Lauer. Considering that in the past week Matt Lauer has had to interview both Kanye West and Dina Lohan, I'm sure that he can relate. West went on to say that he "doesn't trust anybody" but himself and that he can't come up with a "magic trick" to make people like him. I have to admit that after the VMAs I was starting to like Kanye again. I was even listening to his song about toasting douchebags every morning on my way to work, mostly because I felt like it prepared me for having to work with douchebags. But the more he gets ramped up, the less serious I can take him. I don't understand why Twitter doesn't put a stop to his rants. He can go on and on all he wants, but Chelsea Lately puts up one little photo of a few 80-year-old men enjoying themselves at a lemon party and I'm the bad guy?

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