Lindsay Lohan


Lindsay Lohan recently went crazy on her Twitter page.  She was sending out tweets to Samantha Ronson that were obviously referring to an argument the two had.  I took a little look at the tweets to see what all the fuss was about, and one of them read as follows: 

 "For their not only COMPLETE, BUT SUBSTANISAN ***FRIENDS***********."

 I won't mention her misuse of "their" vs. "they're," because the sentence doesn't make any sense anyway, so for all I know she used it correctly in her own language.  However, I consider myself quite the wordsmith, and I can't begin to figure out what "substanisan" is.  I think she might have meant to say "substantial," but I could be mistaken.  In case she reads this, I'd like to use "substantial" in a sentence so that perhaps Lindsay will use it correctly in the future:  "Last night I did a substantial amount of cocaine, went on Twitter, and embarrassed myself."

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