Shaquille O'Neal has traded in the court for the car, masterfully fooling everyone in his tracks for this latest prank. We couldn't stop laughing out loud and neither will you.

With a handful of corny costumes, the 7-foot-tall athlete crammed himself into a car on behalf of a planned prank for the peer-to-peer ridesharing company, Lyft.

Posing as a driver for the organization, Shaq picked up one unsuspecting passenger after another while dressed like a nerd, a French man and a biker among other hysterically bad disguises.

While it seemed impossible to mistake the larger-than-life court start for anyone else, the passengers sat unphased as Shaq sang, beatboxed, made up stories about his childhood and talked about his favorite movie, Kazaam—you know, the one he starred in 1996 as a genie trapped in a boombox. 

Unfortunately, O'Neal finally had to unveil his true identity to his customers, who were a mixture of shocked, awed and totally psyched to find out they had been sitting next to the one and only Shaquille O'Neal. 

Here are a few more celebrities who stunned their fans while in disguise: 

1. The Kardashians sisters crashed a Hollywood tour. 

Covered in makeup, prosthetics and costumes, Khloe, Kendall and Kylie joined a star-sightings tour of their very own neighborhood. The trio managed to fool everyone on the ride, including the tour guide, with their Southern accents and impressive impromptu acting skills.

However, the paparazzi blew their cover when they managed to find the sisters, rapidly photographing them as they sprinted back home. 

2. Daniel Radcliffe was a masked hero at Comic Con.

While we're typically used to seeing the child star waving a wand in the air, the man behind the beloved Harry Potter traded in his wizard robe for the classic Spiderman suit at the annual Comic Con in 2014. With a head to toe costume, it was the optimal choice to fool fans while incognito. 

Andrew Garfield pulled the same prank at Comic Con three years earlier right before he was slated to appear in the silver screen version in 2012.  

3. David Beckham sold his own cologne in Target. 

Thanks to the pranking expertise of Ellen Degeneres, the daytime talk show host had the soccer star pose as a Target employee to peddle his own product to unsuspecting shoppers. 

4. Arnold Schwarzenegger posed as...himself. 

The Terminator star stood for photos at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, except fans mistook him for a really accurate fake model. Needless to say, when the actor volunteered to take their photo, they got the surprise of their lives. 

5. Adele pretended to be impersonating herself. 

At a casting call for Adele impersonators, the Grammy winner arrived posing as "Jenny," disguised by a prosthetic nose and muffled voice. However, it didn't take long after Adele took the stage for the other pretenders to notice she was the real deal. 

6. Miley Cyrus was a serious news reporter on the Los Angeles streets. 

As a part of Jimmy Kimmel's perennial I Witness News segment, the late-night host enlisted the help of the songstress to ask unsuspecting bystanders questions while dressed in a bland suit and brunette wig. With her faux Australian accent, the interviewees didn't realize who they were talking to as they bashed her behavior, music and dad, Billy Ray Cyrus.  

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