This Botched patient is "not elfing around with being an elf."

On Wednesday's all new episode, Luis shares all about his dream of becoming the perfect "space elf" and reveals what he's had done in order to achieve this goal.

"I specifically focus my transformation in space elves," Luis explains in a confessional. "They are warriors of love and light. They protect the Earth from evil aliens and stuff like that."

So what does a space elf look like exactly? Well, according to Luis, the ideal space elf is "very pale with big eyes, small features, long white hair" and he wants this "ethereal" look more than anything.

In fact, Luis once underwent an experimental laser procedure in the hopes of changing his eye color to purple. Sadly, the transformation did not turn out as Luis hoped, as he walked away with "dark gray" eyes.

Luis, Space Elf, Botched_421


Luis is not looking for Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif to fix his eye color, rather, he hopes for a nose that "doesn't look human at all."

Despite getting a nose job and jaw liposuction from another doctor, Luis isn't happy with the cosmetic surgery as he didn't get the "perfect, elfic face" of his dreams.

"I want to see Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow because they are perfect to fix the things that I have had done to my face," Luis concludes. "I want my nose to be smaller, my jaw to be smaller and more symmetric. I want to fulfill my dreams and reach my goals."

Hear all about Luis' space elf dreams in the clip above!

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