Botched, Botched 308


Tuesday's episode of Botched might've been the show's most shocking episode to date!

On the episode, doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif met with Trevor who had large scar tissue built up on his ears called keloids.

How did he get the keloids? Just from getting his ears pierced!

When he was in middle school, Trevor had one of his ears pierced, which led to him getting a keloid growth behind his ear. Then after two removal procedures, Trevor didn't see any "signs" of the keloids returning so he had his other ear pierced.

That's when a keloid started to form on his right ear!

Take a look at the recap to see how the doctors helped Trevor and gave him a "new life" and to see how the doctors reacted to the patient who wants to look like a "living cartoon."

1. Trevor Reveals What Happened to Him After Piercing His Ears:

When Trevor was in middle school, he had one of his ears pierced. Shortly after having his piercing done, Trevor started to develop a keloid behind his ear.

In order to get rid of the keloid, Trevor had to have a doctor remove it. But shortly after the doctor removed the keloid, it grew back. Trevor and his mother then decided to have dentist remove the keloid this time because his mother knew the doctor and "he promised her a discount."

After the doctor removed the keloid, Trevor didn't see any "signs" that it was coming back, so he decided to have his other ear pierced. Watch the video above to see what happened when Trevor had his ear pierced!

Botched, Botched 308


2. Trevor Tells the Botched Doctors His Confidence Is ''Gone:''

When Trevor meets with the doctors, he tells them how his ear piercings lead to the keloid growths. The doctors ask Trevor how the keloids have affected his social life and he admits that he tends to "stay at home" and doesn't bother with girls.

"That confidence is just gone," Trevor confesses.

The doctors then examine Trevor's ears and devise a plan to reconstruct his ears and get Trevor's confidence back.

Botched, Botched 308


3. Misty Explains How Her Previous Doctor Botched Her Butt Implants:

While living in Miami, Misty decided to get butt implants in order to "fit in." But unfortunately for Misty, her plastic surgeon botched her implants, twice.

"He was a plastic surgeon and he was pretty new," Misty explains.

She then tells the doctors that "instantly" after he put the silicone implants in her butt she "had an infection."

"How long did this process of infection last?" Dr. Nassif asks.

"Almost two years before I completely healed," Misty tells him.

After telling him about the pain she's experiencing, Misty's previous doctor eventually did a second procedure.

"He decided to take out the one implant and he replaced it with the same implant," Misty tells the doctors.

"You know what we call that?" Dr. Dubrow asks.

"Malpractice," Dr. Nassif responds.

"That's called malpractice," Dr. Dubrow tells Misty.

Misty then tells the doctors she wants the "pain to go away" and have her buttocks be "symmetrical" and if possible keep the implants.

4. The Doctors Examine Misty's "Scarred" Implants:

After Misty explains what happened to her to the doctors, they examine her to see if they can help fix her butt implants.

Take a look at the video above to see what the doctors tell Misty about her "scarred" implants!

5. Pixee Tells the Doctors Her Goal Is to ''Look Like a Living Cartoon":

The third patient the doctors meet with on the episode is Pixee, who tells the doctors her goal is to "look like a living cartoon."

Pixee explains that this all started after she had her first surgery in 2010, she realized this was her "thing" and "wanted to create" her "life around this."

She then tells the doctors she wants to now have another "mini Brazilian butt lift" and then she wants to work on her "curves" by getting butt and hip implants.

But the doctors don't think it's a good idea and when they examine her they tell her she'd be "making the biggest mistake of her life" if she has the implants put in her body.

Pixee then says, "So I know that Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif is not gonna be the doctor for this procedure but it's not gonna stop me from reaching my goals and dreams."

Botched, Botched 308


6. Trevor Thinks His Ears "Look Great" Post Surgery:

After his surgery, Trevor meets with Dr. Nassif who takes off his bandages and shows him his ears.

"As I look at Trevor's ears, they look fine," Dr. Nassif says. "However I really wanted to get those ears as symmetric as possible and they're close but they're still not perfect. And even though I knew in advance  they wouldn't be perfect, just staring at it I just say, 'God I just wish I could do better.' But I know I can't."

But when Trevor sees his ears for the first time after his surgery he thinks "they look great."


7. Misty Is "Missing" Her Implants After Surgery:

In order to get rid of Misty's pain, Dr. Dubrow did an internal butt lift and removed the implants. But after surgery, Misty explains that she's "missing" her implants, even though she's happy with the internal butt lift that Dr. Dubrow did.

However Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif explain to Misty that her body "hated those implants" and tells her that she now has a greater risk of having complications if she were to have butt implants put back in her body.

"Misty we're not doing buttock implants on you," Dr. Dubrow tells her.

"I feel that after speaking to Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow that I shouldn't get the implants put back in," Misty says.

She then reveals that since her surgery her butt is "symmetrical" and her pain is "gone" and she's "excited for the future."

Botched, Botched 308


8. Trevor Is "Confident" and "Happy" After His Surgery:

Six weeks after his surgery, Trevor has a job interview and reveals he's feeling "great" and he's more "confident" and "happy."

"Before my surgery I had these giant golf ball size keloids attached to the sides of my face, it made me feel so unattractive and so depressed," Trevor admits. "Since my surgery I feel so much more attractive, so much more driven, ambitious, I'm finally flourishing. I just feel great."

Trevor continues, "I feel like I owe this new life to Dr. Nassif, he's given me this new chance."

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