Botched, Botched 305


A lot of tears were shed on Tuesday's Botched!

On the episode, doctors Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow first met with patient Samantha who received a "discount" tummy tuck from her gynecologist. The surgery left her so botched that she had a "supa fupa" and needed the doctors' help to fix it.

Samantha was so overcome with emotion about having the surgery, she broke down in tears before the operation!

How did the surgery go?

Take a look at the recap to see the results of Samantha's operation and to find out why patient Edra was also brought to tears!

1. Samantha Tells the Doctors About Her "Discount" Tummy Tuck:

When Samantha meets with the doctors, she tells them how her "discount" tummy tuck performed by her gynecologist left her with a "supa fupa."

Watch the clip to see the doctors' reactions to Samantha's botched story!

2. Edra Wants the Doctors to Help Fix Her "Sharp" Nose:

When Edra was 15 she was brought to tears over the appearance of her nose. So her parents agreed to let her have nose surgery. After the surgery it seemed like a success, but about "three to four years later" her nose "started to change" and the "cartilage in the bottom fell."

Edra's nose also makes it hard for her to breathe, making her unable to run around with her son.

So she meets with the doctors to see if they can help fix her "sharp" nose.

Watch the video above to see what the doctors tell Edra!

Terry Dubrow, Botched, Botched 305


3. Samantha Breaks Down in Tears:

Before heading in to surgery, Dr. Dubrow tells Samantha everything that's going to happen.

"Any comments, questions, concerns?" Dr. Dubrow asks Samantha.

That's when Samantha breaks down in tears.

"I understand how emotional this is," Dr. Dubrow tells Samantha. "But guess what? This is the beginning of a new day. I'm excited to do this for you! I'm gonna fix it today."

Botched, Botched 305


4. Dr. Nassif Removes "Gigantic Piece of Cartilage" Edra's Nose:

During Edra's "tricky" surgery, Dr. Nassif is able to remove a "gigantic piece of cartilage" along her septum.

"Her left airway was completely blocked by that gigantic piece of cartilage along the septum," Dr. Dubrow explains. "Finding this gigantic piece of cartilage which is blocking the airway and then removing it…great feeling. Now hopefully she'll be able to breathe 1000 percent better."

Dr. Nassif then has to reconstruct the tip of Edra's nose, which ends up being "very complex tip surgery."

But in the end Dr. Nassif is able to make Edra's nose look "a lot better" and the surgery is successful!

Botched, Botched 305


5. Mauricio Wants to "Appear More Impossible":

Mauricio is a well-known actor in Brazil, but he travels to the United States to meet with doctors who he thinks could possibly help him "appear more impossible."

How does he want to achieve that? By taking out four ribs!

In addition, when Mauricio meets with the doctors, he tells them how he once had chest implants that left him with a "deformity." So he wants the doctors to see if it would be possible to put new chest implants in and remove four ribs.

While the doctors tell Mauricio that removing the ribs would be too "dangerous" to do, they examine him to see if they can help him with his chest area. But they realize that the procedure that they would have to do would leave Mauricio with scars, which would be bad for his career.

Mauricio decides "no" he doesn't want to do this and would "prefer to just go to the gym."

Terry Dubrow, Botched, Botched 305


6. "Almost Every Single Step" of Samantha's Previous Tummy Tuck "Was Done Wrong":

After Samantha's surgery, she has a check-in with Dr. Dubrow. During their meeting, Dr. Dubrow tells her how successful the surgery went and how unsuccessful her previous tummy tuck had been.

During the surgery, Dr. Dubrow had to search for Samantha's belly button because, as a result of her previous tummy tuck, it wasn't visible. Luckily, he was able to find it.

"What we found was your belly button and your stock were in tacked," Dr. Dubrow reveals. "But the gynecologist who did your plastic surgery must've opened up sort of a pre-1960s textbook on plastic surgery in order to learn how to do it because almost every single step of your tummy tuck was done wrong."

Luckily, he was able to find it and the surgery was a success. Samantha even breaks down crying when she sees the results.

Botched, Botched 305


7. Edra Can "Actually Breathe" Thanks to Her "Awesome" New Nose:

After her surgery, Edra meets up with her family and friends to show them the results. Everyone loves Edra's new nose and she couldn't be more excited.

"Before surgery my nose was falling down, it was pinched and my cartilage was poking through. And now my nose looks awesome, I don't look like a witch, I can actually breathe," Edra says.

She then thanks her family and friends for their support and tears up!

Botched, Botched 305


8. Samantha Shows Off Her "Amazing" Surgery Results:

After her recovery, Samantha meets up with her husband and daughter to show them the results.

When she arrives, both her husband and daughter tell Samantha she looks "amazing."

Samantha then says that she feels "great" and that this is "the best thing that's ever happened."

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