Fifth time's the charm?

During Wednesday's new episode, Drs. Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow welcomed a familiar face back to the Botched office. Well, sort of. After getting briefly reacquainted with Jordan—a Manchester-based esthetician and return patient from 2015—the doctors were quick to note his obvious physical transformation since their last meeting.

"Your face looks completely different," Dr. Nassif pointed out.

Those who watched Jordan's first Botched consultation probably remembered him as the guy who wanted to look like Kim Kardashian. Or, alternatively, the guy with the leaky lip filler. "I was once a lip disaster, but now I'm known in England as the Lip King," he said ahead of this week's consult, before thanking Drs. Nassif and Dubrow for convincing him to finally ease up on the injections these last few years.

But what Jordan gave up in lip filler he made up for in other cosmetic procedures, including four nose jobs, upper eyelid surgery, a lip lift, a chin implant and several rounds of liposuction. "Plastic surgery is 100 percent like sex. You can't have it once. You have to have it over and over and over," he admitted. "And if the surgeon's good, you keep having it with the same guy."

The Botched doctors never actually operated on Jordan back in 2015. Still, some newfangled post-op complications were enough to encourage a second visit. "Hopefully they can help me with my nose, make my nose a tiny bit smaller and help my breathing a bit more," Jordan said, acknowledging that those four nose jobs might've had something to do with the onset of respiratory issues. 

And that wasn't the last of his surgical wish list. "I want more liposuction to fix all the lumpy lipo," Jordan told the doctors, referencing the consequences of a liposuction procedure that left his abdomen in worse shape than before. "I then want all the fat transferred to my butt so I've got a big old booty. Just like Kim Kardashian."

Despite Jordan's enthusiasm, Drs. Nassif and Dubrow ultimately declined to operate and advised against any future plastic surgeries, period. Whether he'll heed their warnings or not remains to be seen. "It does feel amazing to have two of the best surgeons in the world giving me advice," Jordan said. "But I just love getting surgery done."

Even though the doctors turned Jordan away for a second time, they did take on two other cases this week. First, they met Samantha, a new patient whose chronic side boob had been hurting her self-esteem for the better part of three decades.

"My nipple is in my armpit," she explained, before going on to say that she was born with a disorder called Poland syndrome, which affects muscle development in the chest and often lends itself to noticeable breast and nipple abnormalities. 

After undergoing multiple surgeries throughout her formative years, an 18-year-old Samantha finally had the chest she'd been dreaming about since adolescence and the confidence to match. But when she got pregnant roughly a year later, "they started changing," Samantha said. "Now, there's rippling in the left implant. And the right breast is all implant on top and saggy tissue on the bottom."

Over the years, Samantha and her husband Joe have learned to laugh about her frequent nip slips. "Joe refers to my nipple as Slippy Nippy," she said, "because it's always slipping out of my shirts and it looks like it's slipping right off the side of my body."

Samantha's case turned out to be an especially complicated one. "I've operated on multiple patients with Poland syndrome but I've never seen a patient with a laterally displaced nipple," said Dr. Dubrow post-consult. "So this is a really unique, difficult problem."

Luckily, two surgeries, one tattoo session and more than six weeks later, the "Messiah of Breasts" did eventually find a solution. 

"Now, thanks to Dr. Dubrow, I have normal looking breasts," Samantha said, adding that she's not going to miss hearing her husband's silly nickname from now on. But the best part? "For the first time in 30 years, I finally feel normal," she told the camera.

Complicated cases were a running theme this week — and not just for Dr. Dubrow. Dr. Nassif worked a little magic of his own in the OR after sitting down with Andrea, a patient whose face was essentially reassembled from scratch following a near-fatal car crash twenty years earlier.

"You could see straight down my throat. It was like someone got a hammer and hit the center of my face until my skull was gone," Andrea said of the accident's aftermath. "No one expected me to live."

Four reconstructive surgeries gave Andrea most of her facial structure back, but she really wasn't happy with her new nose. 

"It's too wide, it's kind of leaned over to the right and I don't have a bridge," she explained. "I want that nose that I lost twenty years ago."

Despite the surgical challenges that accompanied Andrea's case, Dr. Nassif was able to give her a straighter nose, complete with a sturdy bridge and clearer airways. Months later, she was totally glowing. "The daily reminders of my car wreck are less and less," said Andrea. "I look in the mirror now and I like what I see."

Learn more about Jordan, Samantha and Andrea in the full recap video above!

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