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In this clip from Sunday's all-new ASHLEE+EVAN, Evan Ross is sent into a panic when he can't get cell service while visiting his brother Ross Næss' ranch. While the rest of the group is distracted by some donkeys, the Star actor realizes they are totally cut off from the outside world.

"Are you sure you don't wanna bring the donkey up?" Ashlee Simpson-Ross teases her apprehensive husband. "He needs to come back to his home."

"I'm not doing donkeys," Evan retorts. "Where does Ross get these ideas to get donkeys and things?"

Although the "Pieces of Me" singer declares that "Evan's got it" when it comes to the animals, it seems that he is far more worried about his cellphone reception.

Evan Ross, ASHLEE+EVAN 103


"Is there really no service right here?" Evan complains to the group.

Despite Ross' assurance that there is service back at the house, Evan expresses his frustration with being disconnected.

"Well we can't just be hanging out outside! How's anybody gonna get in touch with you?" Diana Ross' son adds.

"I hang out and then no nobody gets in touch with me," Ross jokes. "That's what happens."

Watch Evan stress about his cellphone service in the clip above!

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