Lori Loughlin

Lori Loughlin References College Admissions Scandal During Curb Your Enthusiasm Appearance

Lori Loughlin poked fun at her involvement in the college admissions scandal during a March 10 guest appearance on Curb Your Enthusiasm with Larry David.

March 11, 2024

Lori Loughlin's Gift to Daughter Olivia Jade Will Have You Rolling With Laughter

Lori Loughlin pulled a very mom move after watching her daughter Olivia Jade use a wine bottle to roll out bread dough: "What is happening here?"

February 27, 2024

Did Jacob Elordi and Olivia Jade REALLY Break Up?

Amid rumors the Euphoria star and Lori Loughlin's daughter have called it quits, E! News gets an inside update on where they stand.

January 18, 2024

John Stamos Details His Relationship With Lori Loughlin

In his new memoir “If You Would Have Told Me,” John Stamos recalls the conversation he had with Lori Loughlin amid the 2019 college admissions scandal.

October 24, 2023

What Lori Loughlin Told John Stamos During College Admissions Scandal

In his new memoir If You Would Have Told Me, John Stamos recalled the conversation he had with former costar Lori Loughlin amid the 2019 college admissions scandal.

October 24, 2023


Olivia Jade Shares the Biggest Lesson She Learned After College Admissions Scandal

Olivia Jade said she's aims to be more "self-aware" of herself and what she's "putting out there" following the 2019 college admissions scandal.

March 14, 2023

Lori Loughlin Reunites With Candace Cameron Bure at First Awards Show Since College Admissions Scandal

Candace Cameron Bure and Lori Loughlin reunited at the 30th annual Movieguide Awards on Feb. 10, marking Lori's first awards show appearance since being released from prison in 2020.

February 12, 2023

Rick Singer Sentenced to 3.5 Years in Prison for College Admissions Scandal

Rick Singer was sentenced to 3.5 years after orchestrating the college admissions scandal that caught Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman paying bribes to secure their kids a spot at top schools.

January 4, 2023

John Stamos DEFENDS Lori Loughlin's Role in Admissions Scandal

On Dax Shepard's "Armchair Expert" podcast, John Stamos defends "Full House'' co-star Lori Loughlin after her involvement in 2019 college admissions scandal. Listen.

November 18, 2022

John Stamos Says Lori Loughlin “Didn’t Know What Was Going On” In College Admissions Scandal

On the most recent episode of the Armchair Expert podcast, John Stamos defended his Full House co-star Lori Loughlin, saying she “wasn’t the architect” of the college admissions scandal.

November 18, 2022

Candace Cameron Bure’s and Lori Loughlin’s Daughters Natasha and Olivia Jade Reunite in New TikTok

Natasha and Olivia Jade—whose mothers are Candace Cameron Bure and Lori Loughlin—reunited in a new TikTok to show support for Natasha's latest single.

November 1, 2022

See Lori Loughlin Make a Cameo in Daughter Olivia Jade's New YouTube Video

In a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, Lori Loughlin made a surprise cameo in her daughter Olivia Jade's new YouTube vlog. Find out what the Full House star did during her appearance.

July 6, 2022


Why Dave Coulier Says Lori Loughlin Was "Last" Person From Full House He'd Expect to Go to Jail

In an exclusive interview with E! News, Dave Coulier reflected on the "strange turn" Full House co-star Lori Loughlin's life took after being involved in the college admissions scandal.

June 25, 2022

Lori Loughlin Makes First Red Carpet Appearance Since College Admissions Scandal

Lori Loughlin made her first red carpet appearance since the 2019 college admissions scandal at the DesignCare 2022 Gala on June 18. Find out more below.

June 19, 2022

Kris Jenner Hosts Lori Loughlin for Galentine's Day Party at Home

For Valentine’s Day, Kris Jenner invited a few friends over to celebrate with a dinner party, including Fuller House actress Lori Loughlin.

February 16, 2022

Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli's Home Burglarized

An estimated $1 million worth of jewelry was stolen from Fuller House star Lori Loughlin and husband Mossimo Giannulli's Los Angeles home.

January 16, 2022

"Devastated" Lori Loughlin Reflects on Bob Saget's "Kind Heart and Quick Wit"

Just hours after news broke of Bob Saget’s passing, his Fuller House co-star Lori Loughlin is opening up about the tragic loss in a statement to E! News.

January 10, 2022

Olivia Jade Addresses "Big Misconception" About Herself and College Admissions Scandal

Olivia Jade is done dancing around the subject: She’s heard what people have said and she has some thoughts about “that comment of ‘You don’t work hard.’”

January 6, 2022


When Hope Calls Showrunner Describes Lori Loughlin's "Seamless" Return to TV

In an exclusive interview with E! News, Alfonso Moreno also recalled Lori Loughlin’s first days back on set. “It was fun to have her there,” he shared.

December 16, 2021

Olivia Jade and Sister Bella Defend Mom Lori Loughlin From College Admissions Scandal Backlash

For the first time, Olivia Jade and sister Bella Giannulli expressed support for mom Lori Loughlin with regard to how she was portrayed over her involvement in the 2019 college admissions scandal.

November 24, 2021

Lori Loughlin Paying for 2 Students' College Tuition After Admissions Scandal

Lori Loughlin pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit wire and mail fraud for her involvement in a college admissions scandal and was sentenced to two months in prison.

October 27, 2021

Olivia Jade Says Cancel Culture Has Made Her Feel Like She Has to "Walk on Eggshells"

Olivia Jade reflected on how she's changed since the college admissions scandal, saying on her podcast that she's "scared" of having another incident that "blows up in my face again."

October 25, 2021

Watch Lori Loughlin Hug It Out While Making Her Acting Return in When Hope Calls

Lori Loughlin has made her way to Brookfield. Following her two month prison sentence, the actress is returning to TV with When Hope Calls. See a first look below.

October 20, 2021