90 Day Fiancé's Jon and Rachel Take Us Behind the Scenes of Their Romantic Reunion

After their wedding in England, the pair spent months apart until their reunion

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90 Day Fiancé's Jon and Rachel Walters finally reunited after spending months apart.

For nearly two weeks, Jon and Rachel were able to fully enjoy married life after living on different continents for the past year.

Rachel arrived in Bristol, England on Dec. 14, with her daughter Lucy in tow. Together, they spent two weeks sightseeing, cuddling and, of course, doing karaoke. In the first few days of the pair's trip, Jon took Rachel on a sightseeing tour around the coastal city of Bristol, where they made stops at book stores and historic cathedrals. They even made a surprise trip to a local tattoo shop where they got tattoos that are yet to be revealed.

Eventually, Rachel and Lucy had to leave their beloved Brit to return home to New Mexico, and, of course, many tears were shed. 

Jon defended their long distance relationship in a lengthy post shared to his Instagram on Sunday. He wrote, "We choose to hurt 93% of the year because be the love we have the other 7% makes it all worth it. They can keep trolling trying to hurt us but we're a thousands times stronger than they will ever be."

90 Day Fiancé's Jon and Rachel's Romantic Reunion

While fans of 90 Day Fiancé saw the wedding take place in September, the single mother and Jon actually wed back in May. During their first trip as a married couple, Jon, Lucy and Rachel traveled throughout England to see famous sights like Stonehenge and the London Bridge. 

Unfortunately, Jon is unable to visit Rachel's home in New Mexico due to his criminal record and history of assault. As for Rachel, she can't move to England because her daughter's Lucy and Ella come from prior relationships and she does not have permission to move them out of the country. 

While their past makes it difficult to be together, the couple clearly savors the times they are able to spend together. To see for yourself, check out the gallery below!

Peek a Boo!

It's like no time has passed between these two! Jon and Lucy spend some quality time together after Rachel and Lucy's plane from New Mexico arrives.


Rachel and Jon do some sightseeing around the city of Bristol and pose for a picture in front of the Bristol cathedral.

Fun in the Sun

It may be winter but these two still make time for a day at Weston beach.

Nap Time!

The jet lag is real! Rachel takes a quick nap while Lucy happily plays on her tablet. 


The pair made an impromptu trip to the tattoo parlor to get "secret" tattoos. 

Book Nerds

"Books books glorious books, Christmas shopping," they joked on Instagram. Instead of singing, Rachel and Jon find some quiet time by reading a book or two. 

Hardest Goodbye

Lucy and Rachel say their goodbyes until they can return next year. "One day the ticket will be one way," the couple wrote on their Instagram

Now, we just have to wait another six months for their next reunion!

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