It's the moment you Chuck fans have been waiting for: Chuck and Sarah are getting married!

And as you can see in the sneak peek above, Jenny McCarthy is totally trying to steal him away, the little trollop.

It all goes down on this Monday's episode and...OK, the Sarah-Chuck marriage is all a ruse for a mission.

Still, we just interviewed Chuck boss Josh Schwartz himself at New York's Comic Con, and he gave us some very promising news about the could-be couple's future! (Did someone say cohabitation?)

Keep reading for that scoop and much more...

Jenny McCarthy may be putting the moves on Chuck, but that's not the only action he'll be getting this year, according to Schwartz. "This season Chuck will have his first kill and have his own move, a cool spy move." Holler! Our dorkalicious hero is really stepping it up.

But what about the sexy action between Chuck and Sarah? Once the Jonathan Cake debacle is over, that topic will definitely come up. Schwartz reveals: "There are natural obstacles to them getting together. For instance, if they fall in love it jeopardizes their job." Bummer. Silver lining? "We've thought about Chuck and Sarah living together," adds Schwartz.

Ummmm...Yes, please!? With sister Ellie getting married, it only makes sense, right?

By the way, there are so many guest stars coming up on Chuck, it's almost the new 30 Rock, you know...minus Oprah and Jennifer Aniston

Guest Stars Galore:

  • Tricia Helfer: According to Schwartz, she plays a hot agent, Alex Forrest, who seduces Captain Awesome. (Warning: Avert your eyes cause it may be too much prettiness on one screen.)
  • Arnold Vossloo: He's a Fulcrum agent who helps to identify Chuck as the intersect. Also, says executive producer Chris Fedak, "We'll get to see the inside of Fulcrum's headquarters; it's like Tron."
  • Chevy Chase: Tech mogul Ted Roark is not a friend to Chuck, especially when he orders him killed. 
  • Scott Bakula: Sarah is actually going to help Chuck find his father via the CIA, but "don't assume Chuck's dad is a spy," says Schwartz.

Do you want Chuck and Sarah to end up together or do you think that'll be the end of the show? How about the list of guest stars?

Oh, and we forgot one. Check out Andy Richter putting the moves on Sarah and the other sneak peeks below...

—Additional reporting by Breanne Heldman

Watch full episodes of Chuck here.

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