Brooklyn Nine-Nine Makes the Leap to NBC In Noice New Season 6 Key Art

Exclusive! Get a first look at the new poster for the comedy's first season on NBC

By Lauren Piester Dec 14, 2018 11:47 PMTags
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The Nine-Nine is officially settling into its new home. 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine premieres on NBC for the first time in just a few weeks, making a triumphant return after being canceled on Fox back in May, and E! News has your first look at the show's new NBC key art. 

The new poster has kind of the same vibe as the latest promos, which found Jake (Andy Samberg) living out his action movie dreams by jumping off a building onto a helicopter. This time, he's leaping over to a new network with his coworkers standing by with various reactions to his shenanigans, as usual. 

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The show returns at the beginning of January and picks up right where the season five finale left off, with Captain Holt (Andre Braugher) finding out whether he's been named the new commissioner. The newly married Jake and Amy (Melissa Fumero) then go on their honeymoon, which obviously and hilariously does not go as planned. We'll just say there are T-shirts you're going to hope NBC starts officially selling as merch. 

This season will also see the exit of one Gina Linetti (Chelsea Peretti), and if you think she'll go quietly into that good night, you've clearly never seen the show. Peretti has promised its an exit on the scale of the Game of Thrones Red Wedding, whatever that may actually mean. 

And if you're currently in the mood for some holiday cheer with a bit of the Nine-Nine thrown in, Terry Crews is currently painting a beautiful work of art on A Very Terry Christmas, which is streaming live on NBC's Youtube page for 24 hours. Because...why not? 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine premieres Thursday, January 10 on NBC. 

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