Richard Madden's Mom Horrified Over His Bodyguard Nude Scenes

"You're very sexy in this," Ellen DeGeneres tells the actor

By Zach Johnson Dec 13, 2018 3:35 PMTags
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Ellen DeGeneres has a bit of a crush on Richard Madden, a.k.a. "Little Dick."

When he stopped by her talk show Thursday to promote Netflix's Bodyguard, which is up for two Golden Globe Awards and one Critics' Choice Award, she laid it on thick. "We have a tradition here," DeGeneres said. "For your first time on the show, [I show] a shirtless picture." Madden blushed as DeGeneres showed a series of photos while the audience cheered. "It's a great show—and we see him naked, too. It's a win-win," she said. "And we see your backside!"

"Yeah, you do," the actor admitted. "There's a bit of bum there, yeah."

(Madden's bared his buns before in Game of Thrones, Medici: Masters of Florence and Sirens.)

After he explained the premise of the six-episode series, DeGeneres circled back to his, uh, body of work. "Back to your butt..." she said. "Are you parents happy about seeing the butt?"

"No, they're never happy about the butt. I've made a few mistakes in my time, which is neglecting to tell my mother that there's going to be a sex scene in the show," Madden recalled. "And then I get kind of a hysterical phone call of, 'You must tell me and your father! I was watching it at the time and my cup of tea, I nearly spilled it!' And then she covers her eyes."

"We like it. It's very sexy," DeGeneres reassured him. "You're very sexy in this."

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Given the show's success, Madden would like to do another season. There's just one problem: "Everyone's kind of dead," he said. "There's no cast left by the end to carry on to the next one."

"It's like Game of Thrones," DeGeneres said. "Someone dies every week!"

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