Will Smith Shares Funny Throwback of Jaden Smith's First Sip of JUST Water

The actor and his son started the company in secret many years ago

By Cydney Contreras Dec 13, 2018 1:02 AMTags
Will Smith, Jaden SmithKevin Winter/Getty Images

It has been four years since Jaden Smith took his first sip of JUST Water and he has never looked back. 

On Wednesday, his dad Will Smith shared a video of the young teen drinking spring water from their company JUST Water. At the time, the artist was secretly setting off on one of his first business ventures. Word of his involvement in the company was kept under wraps until this year, when both Will and Jaden revealed they were the founders of the successful enterprise.

In the video shared by Will, they explain that it is the very first bottle to be completed since they first came up with the idea. Jaden, being the one to first propose the eco-friendly beverage, was given the privilege of taking the first sip and it tasted "great."

While the flavor of the water is a driving factor in the company's success, it is also their environmentally friendly packaging, production and humanitarian efforts that contribute to its growth. 

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It doesn't hurt that they have their star power to promote the product either. Initially, they kept their role in the business a secret to ensure it's success without their fame, but now they are going all out to advertise the eco-friendly drink. 

In October, the father-son duo went on a trip to Target to celebrate the arrival of JUST Water at select Target stores. And in the process, they sparked a new viral challenge

"I saw this Father in @Target with his Child on his shoulders... I got Jealous," he wrote to his followers at the time. "Fathers out there... Y'all ready for the #PiggyBackChallenge?"

The marketing team for JUST Water found a totally punny opportunity to promote the beverage too. "Stay hydrated during @willsmith's #PiggyBackChallenge, especially those of you with grown children," JUST Water shared on Instagram with a matching photo. 

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