Courteney Cox Pulls Off an Epic Birthday Surprise for a Friends Superfan

David Dobrik shared the emotional video on YouTube this week

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She'll be there for you.

YouTube star David Dobrik set up an epic surprise for his pal Suzy Antonyan's 23rd birthday. To celebrate the special day, David brought Suzy, who is a major Friends superfan, to a house in Malibu, which just-so-happens to be owned by Friends star Courteney Cox.

In a video, posted to YouTube Tuesday, viewers can see the emotional birthday surprise. When Suzy arrives to the house, wearing a Friends T-shirt of course, she has no idea who she's about to meet. After getting a tour of the house, Suzy's pals make their way to the kitchen, where they present her with a Friends cake.

Famous Friends

After singing to Suzy, her pals tell her to "make a wish." And as Suzy's about to blow out her candles, Courteney comes up behind her and says, "Happy birthday!"

In response, a shocked Suzy yells, "Oh! What the f--k?! Wait, no, I can't cry because I have makeup on right now. Wait, wait, wait! Oh my God! I love you."

After Courteney hugs her, Suzy asks, "Is this real right now?" She then starts to cry as she tells Courteney, "I watch your show every single night."

Suzy posted a photo with Courteney and David at the birthday celebration, telling her followers, "Hands down, the BEST BIRTHDAY I've ever had & all because of @daviddobrik !!!! Thank you once again for surprising me with #courteneycox this was honestly a dream come true You never fail to make the people around you happy & filled with love. Yeah .. you're a little crazy sometimes but, you're David & cmon, who doesn't love David??! You gotta be crazy not to love David! Haha! Thank you once again for this AMAZING surprise!! I still can't believe it. I love you so much."

Watch the video above to see the sweet surprise!

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