Elseworlds Part 3: Supergirl Saves the Day, Sets Up Next Year's Crossover

Is it December 2019 yet?

By Lauren Piester Dec 12, 2018 2:10 AMTags
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Remember when this crossover was fun and silly and was all about watching the wrong guys play the wrong people? 

Tonight things got a little bit darker and somehow weirder, even as the crossover took on the endless sunshine of Supergirl. Deegan, previously played by Jeremy Davies, now inhabited the body of Superman and took over STAR Labs, with Supergirl locked in the STAR Labs pipeline. (Just short out the hidden toilet and use your powers to escape, girl! We covered this on Sunday!) 

With Barry and Oliver a little powerless and dressed adorably in matching leather jackets, all seemed a little grim. And ridiculous. 

Cisco (Carlos Valdes) was an unexpectedly useful mob boss. James (Mehcad Brooks) was his henchman. Earth-1 Alex (Chyler Leigh) worked for Superman as a Kara-hating agent, and Kara quickly saw that Alex was her emotional key. She pretty easily convinced there that in another world, they were sisters, and Kara pretty much knew everything about her, including the fact that she was hiding her sexuality.

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Meanwhile, the Trigger Twins used mob boss Cisco to use his powers to get them to Earth-38, where they got the real Superman and brought them back to Earth-1. (What a sentence!) 

With help from Earth-1 Alex, they got the Book of Destiny out of the Fortress of Solitude (which was actually the time vault), and Kara got the book to the real Superman, who quickly got them all back into their correct supersuits. But Deegan was still there, and still threatening Barry's life, and so he got the book back. Barry then came up with a plan that sounds like most plans Barry comes up with: slow down time. He and Kara planned to slow everything down so they had time to grab the book from SuperDeegan, but there was a problem. 

When Clark read the book, he saw that Kara and Barry were going to die doing exactly the thing they planned to do, but they ran off to do it anyway while Oliver went to convince the Monitor that destiny was stupid. 

While they busied themselves with that, everyone else faced SuperDeegan down. Superman tried, and Brainy showed up with Lois who attacked with a giant hammer, and the Martian Manhunter was also there, and at one point Lois nearly died by falling onto a car, but Superman caught her, and both Barry and Kara were burning up while they slowed the earth down, until suddenly it was SuperDeegan who was burning up on the ground next to the book he dropped. And everything was back to normal!

Kara went back to the Kent farm with Clark and Lois, and they revealed some big news: Lois is pregnant! And that's why Superman is hanging up his cape so they can go live in Argo City (the last remaining city on Krypton) for when the baby starts kicking. Cut to the Fortress of Solitude (not the time vault), where Clark literally made a diamond ring by squeezing some coal to propose to his pregnant girlfriend. We've known this couple for three days and we'd already die for them, so there's that. 

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And then back in a bar, the Trigger Twins or whoever they are now went over what they learned today, and right after making an ominous reference to Barry's eventual disappearance (during a massive , Oliver got a phone call from a nice lady named Batwoman. Some guy at Arkham is still stirring up trouble, claiming worlds will die, and the universe will never be the same. Cue the titles for next year's crossover, coming in fall 2019: Crisis on Infinite Earths

One thing to know about the famous Crisis on Infinite Earths comic series from 1985 is that both Supergirl and Barry Allen died, and it all ended with the creation of one single earth instead of multiple earths. But we've got a whole year to worry about it, and you can bet we definitely will be worrying. 

Supergirl, Arrow, and The Flash will return in 2019. 

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