90 Day Fiancé Gets Super Awkward When Leida Tries to Kick Tasha Out

Exclusive! Get a sneak peek of the Sunday, Nov. 25 episode of the hit TLC reality show

By Chris Harnick Nov 21, 2018 4:05 PMTags

If you thought watching a woman have a conversation with her future step-daughter about the cleanliness of their shared apartment is awkward, try watching them have have that conversation on an inflatable couch. 90 Day Fiancé is giving us just that in the above exclusive sneak peek.

Leida, 29, is in Wisconsin from her native Indonesia to begin her life with Eric, 40, her American fiancé. Leida is accustomed to a different lifestyle overseas, one Eric can't provide in the United States. What he can provide is a dirty apartment, with his daughter Tasha as their roommate, and the aforementioned inflatable couch.

A little backstory: Leida first saw the apartment when it was in a state of disarray after Tasha left for work. Now they're meeting for the first time and…it's awkward.

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"I wasn't comfortable when I got here," Leida tells Tasha in the clip above. "What you done, it was like, it was such a mess and I was pissed."

Tasha takes issue with how Leida delivers the message of displeasure, refusing to look at her in the eye, and said she was preparing for a fight with her father's new fiancé. Eric's daughter maintains the mess wasn't on purpose to rile her up, in fact it was a lot cleaner than what she's used to. Still, Tasha says she feels bad, but she's not crying herself to sleep over the first impression Leida had with the apartment.

"It's not that hard, you either do feel bad for what happened, or you don't," Eric says.

And then Leida draws the line in the sand. "I want you to move out. I don't think that we can work it out," she says.

"I don't plan on being here forever…but as far as I know you're not yet on the lease, you can't kick me out. I'm sorry, but you're going to have to deal with that," Tasha says.

And then there's Eric in the middle.

See what happens when 90 Day Fiancé airs Sundays, 8 p.m. on TLC.

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