See Giuliana Rancic Go Full "Fan Girl" After Getting a Surprise Visit From New Kids on the Block on E! News

The E! News host has a "fan girl" moment when one of her favorite bands surprises her at work!

By Mona Khalifeh Nov 14, 2018 6:32 PMTags

Talk about a throwback!

Giuliana Rancic got quite the surprise on Tuesday night's E! News when a little game of "Finish the Lyric" turned literal.

"Don't worry 'bout nothin' 'cause you gotta be it won't take long. We're gonna put you in a trance with a funky song. 'Cause you gotta be..." co-host Jason Kennedy sang.

Before G could guess the track, the originators of the song came out and finished it for her, giving the E! News host the surprise of a life time!

"Oh my God!" Giuliana screamed as none other than Danny Wood, Jonathan Knight and Jordan Knight from New Kids on the Block walked on set reciting the lyrics to their hit song, "Hangin' Tough." 

Despite getting stuck trying to finish the lyric, Giuliana insisted that she knew all of the words and placed the blame on Jason instead. Luckily for her, her favorite boy band agreed. "The melody was a little off. You could've led her better," NKOTB member Danny told Jason.

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Giuliana's excitement didn't stop there. The "fan girling" continued when G and Jason got the guys on the couch.  

"If you could just experience what was happening during the commercial break, Giuliana will not stop talking," Jason revealed. "'I've got the sheets and the posters' and you're just like going crazy."

And rightfully so! This was Giuliana's teenage dream come true.

"Well I was just saying, it's so full circle. Like you don't understand what this means to me and I think so many people can relate," Giuliana confessed. "When you're young and there's someone, like band that you just love so much and to be able to like, after all these years hangout and be best friends. I'm just kidding, we're not best friends but I wish we were."

G even admitted that when she was 13, she used to call 411 to get the band member's numbers and addresses.

"When you're like, a young girl and you're so head over heels for a band and then to be here all these years later is really cool," she admitted.

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But that's not all, NKOTB had one more surprise in store for Giuliana.

"Hey Giuliana, sorry I couldn't be there with the guys today to surprise you, but when they boarded their flight to California, I boarded mine to New York to shoot Blue Bloods," Donnie Wahlberg said in a video message to G. "Hope to see ya soon and miss ya and I'm sorry your favorite new kid couldn't make it."

See Giuliana's "fan girl" moment as she gets the ultimate surprise in the clip above.

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