Blind Vice, Awful Truth

This baby's sure to break a lotta hearts out there. Now, it's certainly not news that Nevis Divine is undeniably sexy. He's got a steady following from fans and paparazzi to a bevy of nearly naked gals, all vying for a piece of luscious Nev's sorta hairy frame.

But as so often is the case with the hugely slobbered set, Nevis doesn't always look to the chicks to ignite his fire. In fact, we very nearly could have a potential Toothy Tile on our hands, 'cause just like old beloved Tooth, boy Divine was once as carefree with his attraction to guys as he now is with the fairer sex:

Nevis has been famous for a while now, but his white-hot infamy's only recently been building. And we just learned that only a couple of years ago, N.D. showed up to a very prominent Industry function, and as his date, brought along another man. Love this dude's nerve! As N.D. introduced his non-famous plus one, Nevis-babe was sure to label his companion a boyfriend, while the two were nonchalantly "couply" all evening, say those who hang with Mr. D now as they did then. 

And no, we're most decidedly not saying this was a boy-date who was simply a friend, but a friend with nooky benefits, for sure. Pals close to our semicloseted heartthrob claim that N.D. would "fool around" with guys sometimes, but that he considered it "no big deal."

Which is ironic because, really, it isn't. At least, not until one of those fooler-arounders heads to the nearest checkbook-dispensing tabloid office.

And it ain't: Robert Buckley, Corbin Bleu, Penn Badgley

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