Katie Couric could not stop giggling at Lil Wayne during her pre-Grammy interview. It's pretty adorable.

Just when we thought Fergie and Josh Duhamel had given us every possible detail of their wedding, they went and released these intimate photos.

Audrina Patridge blogs that she is not dating Benji Madden. That's cool, but it would be even better if she explained what is going on with her in the photo she chose for the post. Something's different...

Secret sources are the best, especially when they're telling stories about how jealous Madonna is of Lourdes' blossoming beauty.

Barack Obama gets his own Hills spinoff (because in the future, everyone has their own Hills spinoff) called The District.

Hey dollar bill, what you doing in Diddy's hundy stack?

See who else is making headlines in our Big Picture gallery!

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