Ginnifer Goodwin

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She's curvy and luscious. She's über-talented and supersuccessful on camera. But she can't get a date, much less get laid in town; how friggin' pathetic is that? So, my randy readers, put on your best Carrie Bradshaw beret and figure out which Hollywood honey told us the exclusive sad quote on love when we asked the last time she'd gotten lucky:

"All the time? Can we just say all the time I'm made aware that a fella just isn't into me? Anytime a guy's not calling back? It's happened in the last couple weeks!"

Guess the Gossip: Feb. 5, 2009
Which Rising Star Is Unlucky in Love?

Vote and find out the lonely truth!

Ding! Ding! Ding! Consider yourself a genius in lovelorn goss if you guessed A, Ginnifer Goodwin, who lamented directly to us at the all-star Not Into You soiree that she's, like, had it with love these days. Jeez, is that what dating Chris Klein does to a girl?

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