Shawn Mendes Teases a Future in Country Music

The "Stitches" singer performs with the Zac Brown Band on CMT Crossroads

By Cydney Contreras Oct 24, 2018 10:20 PMTags
Watch: Shawn Mendes Recalls Jamming Out With Zac Brown

Shawn Mendes might have a future in the country music world!

The heartthrob got a taste of the country life when he met the Zac Brown Band in Toronto not that long ago. Shawn had little idea of what awaited him when he arrived at the show and was told that the lead singer wanted to talk to him. "I went up to the bus and opened the door and all I could hear was a four part harmony, six guitars and people doing this and Zach singing his heart out," Shawn shared.

And the "Stitches" singer was pleasantly surprised when the one of the band members handed him a guitar to join in on what he described as a "full out concert jam mode." He said, "I've never seen anything like that in my whole entire life."

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After the experience, Shawn says he might even consider switching to the country music world. "I love country music," he revealed. "I wouldn't say that's not a possibility. Maybe in the future." 

If he does venture into the genre of music, one artist he would love to collaborate with is Hunter Hayes. He said, "I've always been a massive, massive Hunter Hayes fan, since I was really young. He was one of the first real guitar-playing singer/songwriters that I really loved." 

Fans can catch Shawn and the Zac Brown Band performing in yet another jam session on CMT Crossroads airing Wed., Oct. 24 at 10/9c on CMT!

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