Kendra Wilkinson Claps Back at Body Shamers Criticizing Her Boobs

Reality star took to Instagram to respond to haters who comment on her appearance

By Jess Cohen Oct 22, 2018 9:43 PMTags
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Kendra Wilkinson is firing back at critics who give her "s--t" for her boobs.

The 33-year-old Kendra on Top star took to Instagram on Monday to defend getting breast implants at 18, explaining why she decided to get them and why they're the "best investment" of her life, while also stating that she could "care less" what a man thinks.

"I get a lot of s--t for my boobs. Here's the true story. I don't get dressed or have any intentions on using the boobs to get a man or attention. I throw on clothes, get ready for the day like everyone," Kendra began her post. "I first got my boobs done at 18 because i was and am an athlete n Tom boy n i felt that i wanted to do something to make MYSELF feel more like a chick BEFORE playboy was even an option. Ended up being the best investment of my life but at the end of the day I'm still that Tom boy who can care less what a man thinks."

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"I try not to look like I'm flaunting them because i really don't. They are just on me n apart of me," Kendra continued. "To shame or make a woman feel bad for having boobs n wearing a tank top is not ok n haters should be the ones asking themselves 'why am i hating on a woman for having boobs'. . I don't know what the hell plays into some people's minds."

Kendra, who shares kids Hank Baskett IV, 8, and Alijah Baskett, 4, with her ex Hank Baskett, went on to tell her Instagram followers, "I used my boobs to breastfeed just like moms do, i wear tank tops, they jiggle and bounce. I don't have time to sit here n keep blaming myself for looking a certain way n where i come from n what I've done in my life."

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"I enjoy living in the moment and being free with my friends and kids so everything else that people seem think is their problem not mine. I literally can have a day where I'm only focused on my kids and school and sports, one pic is taken n people say to 'grow up'. Ummmm I'm sorry that my boobs are making you so mad but I'm doing my job as a mother and a woman every minute of every day," Kendra concluded her message. "Sooooo in the end i speak not only for myself but for other women who have boobs too. #takingabow #thankyouforlistening #nationalboobsday."

The reality star has always been very open with her fans on social media, even sharing details about her divorce with Hank. The couple, who confirmed their split in April, recently signed off on their divorce papers.

"Signed my last divorce paper Friday. Brutal," Kendra tweeted. "I gave it all i got. Truly did. Im beyond proud of myself!! Fought to save til the last second. Oh well. Life goes on. Bye lol."

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