Netflix's New Cooking Competition Series Looks Like Your Next Obsession

Get your first look at The Final Table, the newest culinary show poised to be your new obsession.

By Chris Harnick Oct 16, 2018 7:06 PMTags

Have you ever thought to yourself, "Man, I really wish there was a culinary cooking competition series that blends elements of Top Chef and Iron Chef, but on Netflix?" Well, your wish has been granted. Netflix revealed the first trailer for The Final Table, a new cooking competition series debuting Tuesday, Nov. 20.

The Final Table features 12 teams of two renowned chefs from around the world competing for a spot at the, yep, final table of culinary icons. Each episode focuses on a different country, throughout the series the competitors will cook national dishes from Mexico, Spain, England, Brazil, France, Japan, the U.S., India and Italy. In the trailer above, some competitors admit to not having experience with specific foods in decades—if ever. Then, they'll be judged by celebrity ambassadors, food critics and "the country's greatest chef" up until the finale. Celebrity ambassadors include Dax Shepard and Alessandra Ambrosio.

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The aforementioned culinary greats include Enrique Olvera (Mexico), Andoni Aduriz (Spain), Clare Smyth (UK),  Helena Rizzo (Brazil), Vineet Bhatia (India), Grant Achatz (US), Carlo Cracco (Italy), Yoshihiro Narisawa (Japan) and Anne-Sophie Pic (France). Andrew Knowlton hosts.

Meet the 12 teams and celebrity ambassadors and food critics below.

Aaron Bludorn (New York, NY) and Graham Campbell (Dundee, Scotland/UK)
Darren MacLean (Calgary, AB, CA) and Timothy Hollingsworth (Los Angeles, CA)
Shin Takagi (Kanazawa) and Ronald Hsu (Atlanta, GA)
Alex Haupt (Amsterdam) and Ash Heeger (Cape Town, South Africa)
Shane Osborn (Hong Kong) and Mark Best (Australia)
Monique Fiso (Wellington, NZ) and Amninder Sandhu (Mumbai, India)
James Knappett (London, UK) and Angel Vazquez (Puebla, MX)
Jessica Lorigio (San Sebastian) and Johnny Spero (Washington DC, USA)
Collin Brown (England) and Colibri Jimenez (Mexico City, MX)
Esdras Ochoa (Hong Kong) and Rafa Gil (Hong Kong)
Charles Michel (Colombia & France) and Rodrigo Pacheco (Ecuador)
Manuel Berganza (Singapore) and Benjamin Bensoussan (Madrid, Spain)

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The judges include:

Colin Hanks and Dax Shepard (United States Ambassadors)
Martha Higareda and Julio Cesar Chavez (Mexico Ambassadors)
Miguel Bose and Ana Polvorosa (Spain Ambassadors)
Gary Lineker and Cat Deeley (United Kingdom Ambassadors)
Alessandra Ambrosio and Bebel Gilberto (Brazil Ambassadors)
Hasan Minhaj and Ranganathan Madhavan (India Ambassadors)
Alessandro Del Piero and Eleonora Cozzella (Italy Ambassadors)
Esterelle Payany (France Ambassador)
Hikari Mori and Yuji Ayabe (Japan Ambassadors)

And food critics:

Sam Sifton (United States Food Critic)
Mariana Camacho  (Mexico Food Critic)
Borja Beneyto (Spain Food Critic)
Jay Rayner (United Kingdom Food Critic)
Josimar Melo (Brazil Food Critic)
Rashmi Uday Singh (India Food Critic)
Andrea Petrini (Italy Food Critic)
Francois-Regis Gaudry (France Food Critic)
Akiko Katayama (Japan Food Critic)
The Final Table premieres Tuesday, Nov. 20 on Netflix.

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