Melissa McCarthy Makes Movies to Get You to Laugh and That's Exactly Why She's a PCAs Finalist

By Stephanie Wenger Oct 12, 2018 7:06 PMTags
Watch: Melissa McCarthy Says Her PCAs Nomination Is "Everything"

Melissa McCarthy is the life of the party.

Since her days playing Sookie St. James on Gilmore Girls, audiences have been falling in love with the 48-year-old actress and it's because she's so stinking funny.

Her fans have proven their continual love for her by making her a finalist for Comedy Movie Star of 2018 for her hilarious film Life of the Party at the E! People's Choice Awards.

After years is the entertainment business, the Illinois native knows it's the power of laughter that has made people connect with her.

"We make these movies to make people happy and make them laugh," McCarthy told E! News at the junket for her movie Can You Ever Forgive Me? in New York on Friday. "There is no other motivation behind them."

McCarthy believes that sometimes she has to make fun of herself so that audiences can relax and escape from their own worlds and she does a very good job at it.

PCAs Finalist Melissa McCarthy Knows How to Bring the Laughs! Check Out Her Funniest Roles Ever

"We think something is funny and we fall in love with these characters, we hope people go and spend an hour and half and are just like I forgot all my troubles and I just laughed," the Ghostbusters star revealed.

"It's the reason I'm the butt of the joke in so many things. I think it's good for people," she continued. "So, if people actually like it that to me is like oh my god. It's everything."

Well, we think McCarthy is one funny lady and if you do too, now is the time to vote for her for Comedy Movie Star of 2018 for this year's People's Choice Awards.

Remember to get in all your votes before the Friday, Oct. 19 deadline because every vote counts, duh.

See all the winners when wins the 2018 People's Choice Awards airs live on E! on Sunday, Nov. 11.

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