Miley Cyrus and More Stars React to Mean Tweets on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Watch how these stars take the social media heat.

By Samantha Schnurr Oct 09, 2018 4:12 PMTags

Jimmy Kimmel's latest edition of mean tweets is just hours away. 

Thanks to a preview of tonight's post—2018 American Music Awards segment, we know Miley Cyrus, Tyga and The Chainsmokers are three of the stars who must not only face their critics online, but read their comments out loud. 

Fortunately, they were able to laugh the naysayers off. 

The mean tweets began with Cyrus. The tweet in question? "Miley Cyrus is a smelly pirate hooker." 

Celebrity Mean Tweets From Jimmy Kimmel Live!
Randy Holmes/ABC

Next up was Tyga, whose rap skills were questioned by one Twitter user. "Tyga raps like ya homie that can't really rap but always be rapping," the tweet read.

"Actually I do," he answered. 

The last bit came for The Chainsmokers. "One of my employees was talking about how the chainsmokers are actually pretty good and don't deserve all the hate," they read. "So I fired him." Cue the laughs!

Fortunately, these stars didn't appear to take the criticism to heart. 

Tune in to Jimmy Kimmel Live! tonight on ABC to see how more of music's stars take the Twitter heat. 

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