Will Lana's Grocery Store Shenanigans Ruin Nattie Neidhart's Barbecue on Total Divas?

By Alyssa Ray Oct 09, 2018 1:00 PMTags
Watch: Lana Goes Meat-Crazy for Nattie's BBQ

Nattie Neidhart is not happy with Lana.

In this clip from Wednesday's all-new Total Divas, Nattie is throwing a barbecue, but isn't quite ready to receive guests as they begin to trickle in. Why? Well, because the Total Divas star has sent her costar and parents to fetch all the meat for the bash, and they're nowhere to be found.

Thankfully, Titus O'Neil arrives with "a back-up plan" as he and his family come with "their own barbecue."

"Well my mom is coming," Nattie assures her guests. "She's got all of the meat."

Little to Nattie's knowledge, Lana and the Neidharts aren't taking the meat errand very seriously.

"Let's do this…before Nattie f--king freaks out," Lana quips to Jim Neidhart and Elizabeth Hart as they arrive at a grocery store. "Let's just make this snappy."

Clearly, Lana is unequipped to lead this shopping trip as she disregards Nattie's list and just throws all sorts of meat into a shopping cart.

Divas Hit the Gym

"I think that ought to do it," Elizabeth jokes to Lana. "That's enough to feed Andre the Giant."

"Well Nattie's making it sound like it's the end of the world, so I want to make sure we have tons of meat," the blonde wrestler responds.

However, the trio's mission gets derailed when Lana resolves they all need a drink. "There's no beer, so we're gonna take you to a bar and we're gonna have a drink," Rusev's wife continues. "Because God knows we need a drink before we deal with Nattie."

Per Lana, she and the Neidharts know Nattie's going to be "extremely stressed," so they want to let loose before returning to the party.

"Calling Lana right now and asking where the f--k they are," an irritated Nattie remarks back at the house.

Watch the chaos play out in the clip above!

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