Post Malone Says He ''F--king Freaked Out'' During Emergency Plane Landing

The rapper details the terrifying ordeal in a new video

By Cydney Contreras Oct 04, 2018 10:14 PMTags
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It's safe to say Post Malone wasn't feeling like a rockstar when his plane had to make an emergency landing in August. 

As it is, Posty is "terrified" of flying and he says he would normally try to sleep right away, but he wasn't tired. So, according to the rapper, when they had to make an emergency landing the first time due to a sensor malfunction, he was wide awake for the experience. Then, when they took off for the second time, he says he and the other passengers "heard this big ass pop, and we were just like, 'What the hell is that?'"

Soon after the startling noise, "s--t started coming in from underneath the table and s--t." Of course, Post Malone says his first thought was, "This can't be good, and i'm f--king freaked out."

"The flight attendant was like, 'Oh, it's gonna be fine, it's alright, you know, we just popped a tire," he explains. After he was assured everything would be okay, the plane had to fly around for "f--king three and a half, four hours."

Post Malone Involved in Car Crash Weeks After Emergency Plane Landing

For him, the wait was almost the worst part, because "you figured if something was gonna happen, just get it over with like a band-aid or something, but just the f--king anxiety of this is f--ked," he shares. 

Only after the plane safely landed did he realize the wing was "f--ked" and had "blew in half."

Following the terrifying ordeal, the artist claims people told him and his friends they were overreacting, but he insists that "s--t was scary."

This was the first in a series of unfortunate events that involved the "Rockstar" rapper, because, just weeks later, the rapper was involved in a minor car accident in Los Angeles. And after that, his former residence was the target of armed robbers, who reportedly shouted, "Where's Post Malone?", during the home invasion in September. Each time Post Malone escaped unscathed. 

Let's hope things get better now, better now. 

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