Luis Fonsi Explains Why He Doesn't Like to Listen to "Despacito"

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By Diana Marti Oct 04, 2018 9:42 PMTags

Wait...don't get it twisted, Luis Fonsi really loves his mega-hit "Despacito," but he doesn't like to listen to it. In fact, he doesn't like to listen to any of his songs, because he doesn't want to hear himself sing. Similar to a lot of stars that don't like to watch their own movies or TV shows. 

On Latinx Now!'s first episode, the Puerto Rican star was the show's very first guest. The "Calypso" singer talks about everything from his kids sharing the same birthday to when his new album will drop. 

"So basically, the backstory of this new album, that's about to come out any second now, I pretty much finished it before I even put out 'Despacito,'" the star says.

Check out all that he has to say on Latinx Now!'s first episode. 

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We can't wait for his album to drop! 

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