5 Things Kate Hudson's Baby Rani Rose Fujikawa-Hudson Can Look Forward to Thanks to Her Big Family

Do they make Fabletics onesies?

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Kate Hudson, Danny FujikawaBarry King/Getty Images

The future is bright for Rani Rose Hudson-Fujikawa

Kate Hudson  gave birth to her third child and first girl with Danny Fujikawa (their first child together) on Oct. 2 and she was undoubtedly welcomed with open arms by their extensive family. Kate is, after all, the daughter of award-winning actress Goldie Hawn and sister of fellow actor Wyatt Russell

Fujikawa has roots in Hollywood royalty as well. His step-sisters, Sara Foster and Erin Foster, are Hudson's best friends and have roots in showbiz. Both Hudson and Fujikawa have large and loving families with connections in all types of the creative worlds.

From acting to music, Rani Rose has an abundance of talent and love at her tiny, newborn fingertips. The baby girl can surely look forward to (presumably) top-notch yoga skills, dance parties, glorious vacations and some really fun holiday and family dinners. 

Kate Hudson Welcomes First Daughter With Danny Fujikawa

1. A lifetime supply of Fabletics: Kate Hudson gave athleisure clothing an even more glamorous twist when she founded her clothing company Fabletics in October 2013. Then again, she's always been a fitness inspiration to us all. Hudson told E! News in 2016, "We just really try to design for all women, all shapes and all sizes and not discriminate any body type. I think any message behind a lifestyle brand should embrace everyone."

The Almost Famous star posts pictures all the time on Instagram in her Fabletics gear in various yoga and pilates poses or just while making breakfast. Plus, Hawn just got her own line in her daughter's athleisure company.

Rani will surely have her fair share of fashionable sartorial choices, but she'll also be blessed with the easiest access to the comfiest of athletic clothing. Do they make Fabletics onesies? We'll just have to wait and see.

2. A strong female support network: Rani Rose isn't only the youngest child. She's also the only girl. That could get tough down the line, but without a doubt, Rani will have an abundance of strong and accomplished women in her family to lean on when she needs it. As mentioned above, her grandma is Goldie Hawn. Hawn can pick up anyone's spirits with some dance moves, which she's known to show off on Instagram. Recently, she and her son Boston Russell tangoed with some kale at a local farmers market. 

Sara Foster is one of Hudson's best friends and now they're connected by another closer bond with Rani. She told E! News earlier this summer, "Kate's daughter is going to be so beautiful. Danny is so handsome and she's so beautiful. It's going to be a very loved baby with a very large family."

There's yet another female to look to in the family as well. Foster's dad, David Foster, is engaged to Katharine McPhee, who Sara called "a great addition."


3. Vacations galore: Hudson's Instagram and social media accounts aren't just of her donning Fabletics and making the rest of us regret we canceled that yoga class. She's posted photos from Japan, Greece, Cambodia, France and more. 

She's been known to hit the slopes in Aspen, Colo. in the colder months, getting a chance to escape the L.A. area for some semblance of a real winter. Rani Rose will likely have a very full passport in her future.

4. Artistic talent: Other than Hudson being an award-winning actress, there are some solid creative genes from Fujikawa's side. He's a musician, which means Rani can look forward to being a triple threat talent-wise if Hawn's dance moves were to be included as well.

5. Lots and lots of laughter: If one thing is clear based on the actress' Instagram, it's that she has fun with everyone and doesn't seem to take herself too seriously. She jokes around with her pals, takes goofy selfies and videos and overall, just loves to smile. Hawn's Instagram is the same. 

Rani Rose will be surrounded by happiness and laughter from her parents, grandparents, friends and brothers, Ryder Robinson and Bingham Bellamy.

Congrats to the Hudson-Fujikawa family and welcome to the world, baby Rani!

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