It's Life and Death on NBC's Epic Chicago Fire, Chicago PD and Chicago Med Crossover

Exclusive! Get the scoop one what's ahead on the big three-show event.

By Chris Harnick Oct 03, 2018 1:10 PMTags
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NBC's first One Chicago crossover—an epic story that spreads across Chicago Fire, Chicago Med and Chicago PD—is here. The one-night event, airing Wednesday, Oct. 3, will be like a "three-hour event," Chicago PD's Jesse Lee Soffer told us.

"I don't think it's ever been done before. It's going to be pretty cool," Soffer said.

The action starts off on Chicago Fire with one big blaze. Chicago Fire star Taylor Kinney revealed the show shot on location in downtown Chicago, something they haven't done too often. "There was always the idea of doing a Towering Inferno, something that happens in one location where [ambulance], engine, truck and squad all report to the same call and we shoot an entire episode kind of in that space and this is as close to that as we've tried to do," Kinney said.

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It's so big, somebody may pay with their life. "One of our own goes down," Miranda Rae Mayo of Chicago Fire told E! News. "And we don't know if they are going to make it."

The impact of this crossover will be felt for weeks to come, Kinney said. And the Chicago Fire injury (or death) isn't the only life Chicago fans should be worried about.

"It just happens to be the building that Halstead's dad is living in—Will Halstead and Jay Halstead, their father is now living in this apartment building and it goes up in smoke and then the drama will ensue," Soffer teased.

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Chicago Med star Brian Tee said while a big blaze starts the crossover off, relationships are central to the story.

"What I found interesting with this crossover more than any other crossovers before is its relationship driven. Not just within the individual shows, but with all the characters of all of our shows together," he said. There is a case to solve, but Tee said what he loves most about this One Chicago outing is the intertwining of all the characters. Yep, past relationships will be touched upon.

"It really creates this wonderful aspect that this crossover is character-driven instead of incident-driven," Tee said.

The chance to play together is something the Chicago casts enjoy—it even extends off screen.

"It's not always the case, I think just in terms of let's say one cast, and whatever city, wherever people are shooting…we've kind of banned together and it's been a good run. Everyone gets along and I feel like it translates on screen," Kinney said.

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Chicago Fire, Chicago Med and Chicago PD crossover on Wednesday, Oct. 3 starting at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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