Lindsay Lohan Encounters "Refugee Family" in Bizarre Video and It Does Not End Well

The Mean Girls actress, who lives abroad, was seen in a bizarre Instagram Live video talking to two adults sitting with two boys on a sidewalk and insisting she provide a hotel room

By Corinne Heller Sep 29, 2018 3:34 PMTags
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Lindsay Lohan posted a bizarre video on Instagram Live on Saturday, showing her filming what appeared to be a possibly homeless family of four, who she thinks are Syrian refugees.

In the footage, the 32-year-old Mean Girls star insists on helping the woman and two boys by paying for a hotel room for them. The woman was not having it. After the adults and the children begin walking away from the actress, she loudly accuses the man and woman of child trafficking and insists on taking the kids with her. The woman then angrily gets into a brief physical altercation with her.

Lohan has not commented further on the video, which may have been filmed in Moscow, as she had shared a photo of herself there earlier. In the footage, the actress, who has lived abroad over the past few years, occasionally says words in Russian as well as Arabic.

"Hey everyone I just want to show you a family that I met, a Syrian refugee family," Lohan says in the video, approaching a man and woman who are sitting on a sidewalk with two boys, who are huddled under a blanket. "Tell me your story so that I can help you. What do you need? Do you want me to give you a hotel? So I want you to tell America what you need and I will get it for you."

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"Yalla habibi [Come on, my dear]," she tells one of the boys. "You want to come with me? Come with me. Come, come. I'll take care. Let me take care of you you want to stay in a hotel tonight? Do you want to watch movies? Yeah. It'd be so cool, right, to watch a movie on TV or a computer? Let's go. You're gonna be the boss from now on. I'll take you with me and we will see them tomorrow."

Lohan continues to plead with the woman to allow her to take the children to a hotel room for one night. She then offers to take all four people, but quickly changes her mind and says to the woman, "Not your husband. Just you and your kids."

The woman starts talking to the man again, during which Lohan says, "Three seconds, run," and laughs.

"You shouldn't be sleeping on the floor, OK?" she says to one of the kids. "Do you understand that? You shouldn't be sleeping on the floor. You're a good little boy and this is not fair."

"She then reprimands the woman, saying, "You should not have them on the floor. You're a heartbreaking woman, I'm freezing right now, and you should be doing what you do for your children so they'll have [a] better life and if someone's offering them a home and a bed, which is me at this moment, give it to them. No, they will come back to you. I'm a good person but this really, this is not right."

She explains to the adults, "I'm Italian-Irish, I speak Russian and I speak Arabic."

"Come, run. Let's go. They go. This is wrong...let them go, yalla, yalla," she continues. "Come on. Don't. They look tired and cold. I'll buy you a room. I'll buy you a hotel room, I will, I will do it, I'll buy it...come in my car and I'll buy a hotel room. Come, let's go."

After six minutes of pleading, the group then stands up. Lohan asks the boys if they are excited and tells them to put their shoes on, as they are barefoot. The adults start to pack up their few belongings, while the actress tries to persuade them to leave behind an item that is wet and dirty. The group then heads in the opposite direction of her car and Lohan cries out, "Look what's happening. They're trafficking children," adding, "I won't leave until I take you."

"Now I know who you are. Don't f--k with me. Hey kids!" she continues, following the group. "You're ruining Arab culture by doing this. You're taking these children. They want to go. I'm with you boys, don't worry. The whole world is seeing this right now. I will walk forever."

Lohan tries to approach one of the boys and have him give her his hand, which prompts the woman to protest loudly. There is short scuffle, during which Lohan drops her phone. The group leaves her and she starts talking to the camera.

"She just, I'm like in shock, people," Lohan says tearfully, clutching her cheek.

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