Seth Meyers


Batman recently stripped down—and Seth Meyershad a variety of punchlines about it. 

DC Comics kicked off its mature "Black Label" imprint with a new issue titled, Batman: Damned. According to reports, the story involves an R-rated reveal from Batman when he is shown not in his Batman suit, but his birthday suit. That's right—the caped crusader goes commando and shows his penis in the process. 

Well, the Late Night host had a field day with the news as he took to his late-night stage for his nightly monologue. 

"DC Comics has put out a new issue titled Batman: Damned #1 that appears to show Bruce Wayne's penis exposed," Meyers began. "I just have to say I'm glad his parents aren't alive to see this."

That was just the start. "Thank God that's not our last joke about batman's penis," he quipped. 

DC comics has put out a new issue of Batman that appears to show Bruce Wayne's penis exposed," the host continued. "I'm not saying it was impressive, but this was the sky tonight," he quipped with a photo of a skyline lit up with a handful of Batman symbols. 

For the grand finale, Meyers brought in another character. "That's right. DC Comics has put out a new issue of Batman, which appears to show Bruce Wayne's penis exposed," he began once again. 

"Before you judge, I was fighting Mr. Freeze," he mimicked in Batman's voice. 

There you have it—a trio of Batman penis jokes to kick off your day.

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