Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb Play "Never Have I Ever"

Plus, the Today anchors weigh in on Julie Chen leaving The Talk amid scandal

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Andy Cohen wanted to talk shop with Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb last night.

So, on his late-night show Tuesday, he sat down with the Today anchors and asked them to play a drinking game with him. "It's the responsibility of my guests and me to strive for perfection in every aspect of our jobs, and sometimes we fail at that," he said. "Since this is a safe space, and we're all a little bit buzzed, let's talk about that with 'Never Have I Ever: Host Edition.'" From there, Cohen read a series of prompts, and if something ever rang true, the person had to drink.

Here are the prompts Cohen read:

• "Never have I ever avoided a guest before a show."

• "Never have I ever asked a question that I immediately regretted."

• "Never have I ever forgotten a guest's name mid-interview."

• "Never have I ever blacklisted someone from my show."

• "Never have I ever passed gas while on the air."

• "Never have I ever been drunk during an interview."

• "Never have I ever said 'nice to meet you' to a guest I had met before."

• "Never have I ever been turned off by a guest's bad breath."

Watch the video to see the hosts' surprising answers.

Hoda Kotb Talks Successful Pairing With Savannah on "Today"

In the same episode, Cohen asked Guthrie what it's like to interview Kellyanne Conway, Omarosa Manigault Newman and Bob Woodward. In the case of Manigault Newman's contentious conversation, Kotb argued, "I think Savannah was masterful in that interview."

In each instance, Guthrie had no regrets. "Whoever it is, I think we try to give them a fair shake. Everybody gets a tough question," she explained. "If you're coming—you get a tough question!"

Cohen also took a viewer question and asked the co-hosts for their thoughts on Julie Chen leaving The Talk after several women accused her husband, Les Moonves, of sexual misconduct. "I think that was probably a tough decision for her. That show—and I really love that show, actually—you have to give so much of your own personal life in it. I sort of get it; it would be hard to be on that show if you couldn't share," Kotb reasoned. "So, I sort of understood..."

Guthrie added, "Whatever she decided, you have to respect her."

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