Gators, Pigs & More! Watch the Total Divas Stars Survive a Swamp Tour

By Alyssa Ray Sep 18, 2018 4:00 PMTags
Watch: "Total Divas" Stars Go on a Swamp Tour

The Total Divas ladies aren't afraid of much, but this may change during a visit to a swamp.

In this exclusive clip from the season eight premiere of Total Divas, Paige and the girls go on a swamp tour while in New Orleans for WrestleMania week. While the women are there for work, they remember to make a little time for sightseeing.

"Ladies, Ladies! I am your tour guide," Paige quips to her friends. "Welcome to 'Paige Encounters.' So, as you can see, there is a lot of swampy areas. It smells a little weird."

However, the wrestlers are quickly distracted when Nattie Neidhart spots an alligator in the water. Before long, the swamp boat is completely surrounded by gators.

"There's one coming over there and there's one coming over there and there's one coming over there," a stunned Lana remarks. "Oh my god! There's three coming. Are you kidding me?"

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In an attempt to play "crocodile hunter," Paige lures one of the alligators close to the boat by using meat on a stick. "Give the f--king stick back, greedy bitch," the WWE veteran jokes when the gator pulls on the twig.

Surprisingly, the alligators aren't the scariest part of the tour as particularly friendly swamp pigs give the ladies a fright. In fact, Lana and Trinity Fatu are both seen screaming when the pigs lunge for the boat.

"Bye, Big Bertha," Trinity happily retorts as their swamp boat pulls away.

Watch the Total Divas stars' swamp fun play out in the clip above!

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