Can't Stop, Won't Stop! Evan Ross Hilariously Multitasks While Getting a Spray Tan on ASHLEE+EVAN

Can the Star actor successfully multitask with everything he has going on?

By Alyssa Ray Sep 13, 2018 12:00 PMTags
Watch: Evan Ross Always Makes Time For His Spray Tans

Evan Ross is a fan of a good spray tan.

In this exclusive clip from Sunday's all-new ASHLEE+EVAN, the Star actor gets a spray tan from close-friend Stephenie. Although Evan admits there is a "negative tone" surrounding being black and getting a spray tan, he chooses to ignore the stigma as he thinks it looks "nice."

"When you're African American, you have a negative tone towards spray tan," Diana Ross' son explains in a confessional. "I see nothing wrong with it 'cause, truthfully, it's nice. It's kind of better with our skin tone, gives you a little golden kick."

While Evan's spray tan is meant to be a relaxing experience, he is forced to work during the treatment. On top of his album plans with wife Ashlee Simpson-Ross, Evan must make sure that everything is in order before he leaves to shoot a movie.

Ashlee Simpson-Ross & Evan Ross' Notable Acting Roles

"Alright, put your phone down," Stephenie demands to Evan. "You can't do that."

"I can totally do it in my hand," Evan quips. "The phone will get a little dirty."

Despite the ATL actor's confidence that he has the situation under control, the "Pieces of Me" singer has her doubts.

"I just want to make sure that everyone gets in an organized schedule," an on looking Ashlee adds.

"We have a lot to get done before I leave for this movie in three months," Evan concludes to the camera. "It's not a lot of time to figure out a timeline of rehearsals, of releasing the music, of getting the songs mixed, all of the above…You know, I'm diving in."

Watch Evan impressively multitask in the clip above!

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