Teen Mom's Chelsea Houska Suffering From "Horrible" Mastitis

The mom of 3 wrote on Twitter, "I never knew it was this awful"

By Lena Grossman Sep 11, 2018 9:53 PMTags
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Chelsea Houska is coping with what she calls "horrible" mastitis. 

The Teen Mom star posted on Twitter over the past several days to document her pain. "Mastitis is no joke," she tweeted

According to the Mayo Clinic, mastitis occurs when a breast's milk duct becomes clogged. Symptoms include breast swelling, tenderness and a burning sensation while breastfeeding. Houska received a number of empathetic responses to her initial tweet on Sept. 7. One user replied to her, "I'd rather give birth all over than have mastitis again."

"I literally JUST said this to cole!" Houska wrote back, referring to her husband Cole DeBoer. In another Twitter reply, she wrote, "I never knew it was this awful!"

On Monday, Houska shared that she was feeling better than last week. "This is the first day that I don't feel like I'm dying since Thursday," she told her Twitter followers. "i never knew how horrible mastitis was. Aaaand I never want to go through it again."

Teen Mom Stars: Then and Now

On Aug. 29, Houska gave birth to her third babyLayne DeBoer. Layne and her mother have an extra-special connection, too: they share the same birthday. The happy father shared a beautiful photo of their baby on Instagram and captioned it, "Happy birthday to my sweet perfect wife Chelsea DeBoer @chelseahouska who just gave our family this beautiful blessing! Sharing the same amazing day I am so in love with our family! Our newest edition Baby Layne!!"

Back in May, Houska told E! News she was going through her "easiest pregnancy out of the three."

Houska and DeBoer have two children together: Layne and Watson Cole DeBoer, who was born in January 2017. Houska is also the mother to Aubree Lind, who she had with her ex-boyfriend Adam Lind. Aubree turned 9 on Sept. 8.

The Teen Mom star has uploaded sweet family photos to her social media profiles of baby Layne hanging out with her siblings. In one photo, Watson touches his baby sister's head as she sleeps on a chair. Another picture shows DeBoer flashing a wide smile while holding his infant. "This man is so perfect for me," Houska wrote. "The most amazing husband and daddy in the entire world. I love how much he loves us."

Feel better soon, Chelsea!

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