Ready to cry some more?

The Fab 5 are hard at work on the next season of Queer Eye, and while they obviously can't tell us much of anything about the heroes we're going to meet this season, they can promise a few things about what's to come.

"Inclusivity and diversity continues to be the focus of our MO, of what we're out there to do," Antoni Porowski told E! News when he and Tan France paid us a visit to promote Excedrin's Life's Most Relatable Headaches campaign. "I think people are going to se a lot of differences in Kansas City, but tehy're going to see maybe more and understand a little more clearly that we are all the same, our struggles are the same, to show up for our families, to be better lovers, friends, parents children, like these are all human experiences. It doesn't matter which coast or which country you're in, it's all something you can relate to."

Antoni credits the show's casting for finding such incredible "heroes," especially in the new season three location of Kansas City, Missouri.

"I get goosebumps thinking about it. They're taking it to the next level, and I can't wait for the world to see it," he says.

The show has become known for the happy tears it brings, though France says he never cries while filming it.

"I'm a very emotional person when it comes to jolliness, happiness—I don't cry very often, and I have yet to cry on this show," he says.

Porowski, on the other hand, can't seem to stop himself.

"Before the season started, I actually had a conversation with myself where I was like, don't cry as much as you did in the first season, and like, try to make things that are a little more complicated," he says. "But what I ended up telling myself was like, just continue to be vulnerable, let it happen when it happens organically, just be yourself because that's why you're I cry a lot."

Hit play on the video above for more!

The first two seasons of Queer Eye are currently streaming on Netflix.

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