Evan Ross Worries Wife Ashlee Simpson-Ross Will "Lose Her Mind" If He Leaves for Another Job on ASHLEE+EVAN

Evan has new opportunities coming his way, but the actor is worried his wife won't be too happy if he leaves her and the kids behind for another gig

By Mona Khalifeh Sep 06, 2018 12:00 PMTags
Watch: Evan Admits Ashlee's "Not Scary, But She's a Little Scary"

Happy wife, happy life, right?

Evan Ross worries his wife Ashlee Simpson-Ross won't be too pleased with him if he leaves town again for a new gig in this clip from Sunday's series premiere of ASHLEE+EVAN.

"You know I'm doing that movie in three months?" Evan asks his friend Jaz. "They want me to do another project that would start in a week from now."

While the job comes as a great opportunity for Evan, he's reluctant to tell Ashlee about the big news, no matter how much he wants to pursue the project.

"I don't keep things from my wife, but I do wait because I already know exactly what she's gonna do, she's gonna lose her mind if I tell her I'm leaving again," Evan confesses to the camera. "She's not scary, but she's a little bit scary at times."

See Evan wrestle with what to do in the clip above.

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