Jimmy Fallon Vomits While Playing a Drinking Game With Ryan Reynolds

Could you guzzle down a horseradish and Twinkie cocktail?

By Elyse Dupre Aug 14, 2018 11:46 AMTags

Blended Twinkies and horseradish don't make up Jimmy Fallon's drink of choice.

The late-night host played a drinking game with Ryan Reynolds on Monday's episode of The Tonight Show and actually barfed trying to guzzle down these ingredients.

To celebrate Reynolds' new spirit, Aviation American Gin, the two men played Drinko—a spoof of The Price Is Right's Plinko. In the game show version, players drop tokens at the top of the board and watch them ricochet down into a certain dollar amount slot. The player then wins that amount of money. But in Drinko, Reynolds and Fallon watched their tokens fall into one of several drink categories. They then had to combine that mixer with Reynolds' gin and chug it all down.

However, these weren't just ordinary mixers. They ranged from clam juice and bone broth to maple syrup and "blood."

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Reynolds went first and scored a relatively safe combination: blended Twinkies and grape soda. 

"It's like 90% of my child's diet," he said, referencing one of the two daughters he shares with Blake Lively. However, Reynolds didn't exactly love the cocktail.

"I would rather drink spinal fluid than drink that," he said after he finished. 

Fallon went next and was forced to drink blended Twinkies and horseradish. But after taking a swig, the host threw up the drink into a barf bucket.

"You barfed up your whole childhood," the Deadpool star said, peering into the bucket.

To finish the game, Reynolds went all in and drank a combination of bone broth; bacon, egg and cheese; "blood" and kombucha. 

Watch the video to see the actor's reaction.

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