Blade Runner Actress Sean Young Speaks Out After Alleged Burglary Incident

About $12,000 worth of equipment was stolen from a New York office

By Lena Grossman Aug 11, 2018 1:11 AMTags
Sean Young Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Blade Runner actress Sean Young is responding to reports that she allegedly stole Apple laptops from an office in Queens.

Page Six  reports that surveillance video shows the '80s actress stealing from the office of a movie called Charley Boy she was directing. Young disputes the allegations and explains it all as a misunderstanding in a statement to E! News. According to Young, she arrived at the Astoria, New York office in order to "retrieve my belongings from an apartment where I had been previously staying while working together with Director Timothy Hines and Producer Dominick Martini." Young told E! News that she was "expected and had confirmed my expected arrival with the building's owner."

She said she "was mistaken" when she left the office with computers she thought were hers. "When I arrived nobody was there to receive me but the door was unlocked and I assumed it had been left open so that I could pick up my belongings. I gathered what I believed to be my property but later discovered I was mistaken," she said.

Page Six reports the actress was not allowed back in the office without anyone there and they changed the locks in order to prevent her from entering.

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Young explains in her statement that she has contacted Martini "to arrange for the 2 laptops to be returned and to pick up my 2 laptops at their earliest convenience but have now been receiving threatening voice mails from Director Timothy Hines who has been releasing untrue slanderous statements to the press." 

Hines told Page Six that Young and her son Quinn "broke and entered the place." Hines said the electronics that Young allegedly stole—including editing computers and production computers—are "worth thousands of dollars." Law enforcement told Page Six that the technology is worth $12,000.


The director also tweeted about the incident. He wrote, "Yes, Sean Young broke into our office and stole our editing computers. She was recorded on 4K cc cameras. We are stunned. She was fired..."

According to Page Six, Young wanted to fire Hines, but he fired her before she could do anything.

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