Tensions Erupt Between Brittainy Taylor and Her Boyfriend During the Uncommon James Retreat on Very Cavallari

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The Uncommon James crew is off to Florida, but it's not all fun and games.

On this week's all-new Very Cavallari, head of operations Brittainy Taylor and her country crooner boyfriend Jon Stone hit a rough patch when he and some of the boys decided to crash the company retreat.

"I'm excited that he's here and I want to be with him, but we have a lot of unfinished business when it comes to arguments," Brittainy confessed to the camera.

While the rest of the crew got down in the kitchen, Brittainy and Jon headed down to the beach to work out their issues that started over a mix-up with their puppy.

"I really do need you to open up a little bit more and be on my team," Brittainy expressed to Jon. "You have this notion in your head that you know more and you know better and I'm just supposed to follow your lead, but that's not a relationship, that's a dictatorship."

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After touring the world, Jon was exhausted and fighting with his girlfriend was the last thing he wanted to do.

"It's tough, honestly," Jon admitted. "I just came home from two and a half weeks of touring every day, come here to see you, to hear you get upset about me taking the dog that's supposed to be ours."

But this was about much more than just their new pup, for Brittainy, it was about a breakdown in communication.

"I do a lot of things for us to be happy, Jon and I need you to get that," Brittainy said with tears in her eyes. "It is an us thing, it is always an us thing. I always f--king tell you what I'm doing and where it's going."

What it boiled down to, was Brittainy wanting Jon to hear her more and keep her in the loop when it comes to their life together.

Luckily, the rest of the trip was free of dramatic moments, for the most part anyway.

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After some team bonding at the ropes course, the Uncommon James crew got the drinks flowing!

"If I commit to going out and really doin' it, then I don't have an off switch, so you literally have to pull me out of the bar," Kristin Cavallari joked.

And boy was she right! It wasn't long before Kristin was twerking with her team and professing her love for everyone in the room.

"And I love you, and I love you and I love you. I love you and I love you and I love you," a drunk Kristin said. She even had some love leftover for her hubby. "I hate to admit it, I hate to admit it. I f--king love Jay Cutler that motherf--ker!"

The entrepreneur's "cool mom" attitude served as inspiration for newly pregnant Taylor Monaco

"She's like, 'Woo-hoo, Jay's gone, I'm gonna turn up! The kids are gone!' I'm gonna do that. That's gonna be me." Taylor admitted to the camera. "She is who I'm going to be."

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The mom-to-be revealed the news of her pregnancy to Kristin, but kept it quiet on the trip. She even had BFF Shannon Ford taking shots for her, but after a weekend of sneaky fun, Taylor decided to come clean to the Uncommon James team.

"So, since we all got to know each other this whole trip, I'm pregnant," Taylor revealed to the group. "You know how exhausting it was for me to take all of her shots?" Shannon boasted.

"I've wanted to say something, but it's so early. I'm only eight weeks," an emotional Taylor explained. "We're so excited about it. It's not a secret. It's only a secret because it's so early."

Taylor's announcement was met with congratulations and lots of happy tears from Brittainy.

"I'm just so excited for Taylor," Brittainy confessed to the camera. "That's an amazing moment. You're growing a life inside of you and you are happy and in love and I hope I get that chance too."

See everything that went down this week in the recap video above.

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