When it came time for Jimmy Kimmel Live's brutal "Celebrity Mean Tweets," most of these hip hop stars knew how to brush their shoulders off. 

It was a tough pill to swallow on Thursday night when Jimmy Kimmelrounded up the biggest Hollywood names in hip hop for a round of its signature mean tweets. One by one, each star was faced with reading a vicious insult tweeted about them online. 

There were no limits to the jabs as critics attacked everything from Pusha-T's braids and DJ Khaled's weight to Awkwafina's voice and Remy Ma's beats. 

However, most of the stars just let the insults roll off their backs. 

"50 cent is a moron and needs to be kicked in the BALLSACK," one person tweeted about the Grammy winner.  

"I think that you should take these violent thoughts and place your energy somewhere a little more productive," he calmly retorted. 

"Everybody's entitled to their own opinion, so I'm not really mad at that s--t," A$AP Rocky commented when someone called him a load of "hype bulls--t."

However, Ma just wasn't having it when someone said she "can't rap on beat to save her life."

As she hit back, "Remy Ma also physically fights people that talk s--t on Twitter."

Check out all of the mean tweets in the clip and in E!'s gallery above. 

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