Grant Gustin Fires Back at Body Shamers After The Flash Suit Photo Leak

Grant Gustin is not cool with people criticizing his new look on the CW show or his overall slim physique, for that matter

By Corinne Heller Aug 08, 2018 9:30 PMTags
Grant Gustin, The FlashShane Harvey/The CW

Grant Gustin is not cool with people criticizing his new look on The Flash or his overall slim physique, for that matter.

A photo of the CW series star appearing as Barry Allen and wearing what is described as a prototype of his new suit has been circulating online over the past day. The outfit appears to be made of thinner material than the traditional leather and features a smaller Flash emblem and a new mask that does not cover Gustin's chin. The photo is set to have been taken during a costume fitting. The CW has not commented on the image, which has spurred some people on social media and Reddit to criticize the suit and Gustin's body.

"So here's the thing about this bulls--t photo leak," Gustin said on Instagram on Wednesday. "It's a cool suit. There's a terrible photo that I was unaware was being taken, much less being posted. Some things need work and they will be worked on. We'll get there."

"As far as the body shaming. That's what pisses me off. Not even just for my sake," he said. "I've had 20+ years of kids and adults telling me or my parents that I was too thin. But there's a double standard where it's OK to talk s--t about a dude's body. I do my best to stay in shape and add as much size as I can throughout these seasons. I'm naturally thin, and my appetite is greatly affected by stress. Stress is something that ebbs and flows for me throughout a season. Thus, gaining weight is a challenge for me." 

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He added, "I didn't cast a slim actor as The Flash. I went to an audition for a role I never dreamed I'd actually book. But, here I am 5 seasons later. I'm happy with my body and who I am and other kids who are built like me and thinner than me should be able to feel the same way. Not only that, but they should be able to feel like THEY could be a superhero on TV or film or whatever it may be some day."

"I love the suit that has been designed for me, and I think when everyone sees it in its entirety, you will love it too," he wrote. "Things have been adjusted since that leaked shot was taken, and more things will continue to be adjusted until it feels right.

Gustin was more blunt and emotional on his Instagram Story.

"F--k whoever leaked that," he said.

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