Ryan Edwards Speaks Out After Arrest: "I Messed Up"

Former Teen Mom OG star was detained for breaking probation over a past drug charge

By Corinne Heller Aug 08, 2018 3:43 PMTags
Ryan Edwards Mug Shot, July 2018Hamilton County Sheriff's Office

Former Teen Mom OG star Ryan Edwards says he "messed up" and takes full accountability over his latest arrest but clarifies that he was not detained for drugs.

In late July, cast member Maci Bookout's 30-year-old ex was booked in Tennessee for breaking probation over a 2017 heroin possession charge. Ryan, who underwent rehab last year, was released from jail after a week.

"I got a speeding ticket and while I was pulled over, it came up that I was in violation of my probation because the community service had not been completed," Ryan told E! News on Wednesday. "I didn't do all of it. I went to jail for not doing all of my community service. It's not that I wasn't taking the community service seriously, it's just that we have so much going on, I didn't realize the deadline had passed. It was just a misunderstanding. I thought I had more time."

Ryan, whose wife Mackenzie Edwards is pregnant with their first child together, added, "I take full accountability. I messed up, but I've had a chance to get organized and fix the situation."

He also clarified that his current violation was not drug-related, adding, "It was the fact that I got pulled over and had not completed my community service. The only drug related charge was the original one from two years ago, from before I went to rehab. There is nothing new that is drug-related."

"Ryan is my husband," Mackenzie told E! News. "Yes, he's made some mistakes but we are moving past them. He has my full support."

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Ryan said he was in jail for a week until he could get a court date.

"Jail was slow," he said. "The days were long. It was really hard to be away from my family. Without a doubt it was a learning experience."

Ryan is currently awaiting his community service assignment while nursing a broken ankle. He said he broke it when he tripped over the family dog.

In addition, he faces six extra months of probation stemming from his latest arrest.

"I'll be done six months from now," he said.

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