Kris Jenner Fuels Corey Gamble Engagement Rumors

James Corden asks about her "massive diamond ring" on The Late Late Show

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James Corden knows the best way to get his guests to talk is to play a game of "Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts" on CBS' The Late Late Showjust ask Khloe Kardashian, Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner. So, when Kris Jenner appeared on Tuesday's episode to promote E!'s Keeping Up With the Kardashians, he dedicated a segment to grilling his guest over some gross grub. James gave Kris a choice: answer his questions or eat a 1,000-year-old egg, blood head cheese, a bull penis, a cow tongue, crickets, deep fried butter, hot sauce or a sardine smoothie.

In turn, Kris got to flip the script and ask James a series of questions.

"Why haven't you done a Carpool Karaoke with [Kanye West] yet?" she asked.

"I can answer this easily; this is a great question for me. We've tried! He's canceled twice, maybe even three times," James said. "He canceled once as I was turning the corner to his house. I was in a car and by the time the call finished, I was outside his house, and they were like, 'He's not in the zone for it right now. We'll do it another time.' He did send me a lovely gift; he sent me these incredible flowers in a cube...which I'd never seen before. And he sent me a pair of Yeezys. People were like, 'Whoa, they're so expensive!' And I was like, 'Yeah, they cost my show $45,000!' But we love him! He's my dream! He's know that. He's my absolute dream."

Next, James told the momager she would have to either drink a sardine smoothie or answer his question about her kids. "You're the executive producer of Keeping Up With the Kardashians," James said. "If you had to cut one of your daughters from the show, who would it be and why?"

"Really?" Kris said, raising her eyebrow and taking a swig without giving it a second thought.

"No way! Kris!" James shouted. "Oh, my God!"

After giving James the middle finger, a disgusted Kris said, "God! That is nasty!"

"You could have said anyone!" James reminded her.

"I'm not going to turn on one of my girls!" Kris explained. "Those are my babies."

James argued they "would have understood," but Kris knew better. "Trust me, they wouldn't have understood! I couldn't have gone home," she explained. "I'd have to go to another city!"

Kris Jenner & Corey Gamble's Cutest Pics
Terence Patrick/CBS Broadcasting, Inc.

Next, Kris gave James the option of eating a cow tongue or revealing how much money he earned for lending his voice to the Peter Rabbit movie. The host took a big bite, which made Kris gag. "You guys, it smells so vile! I don't know how you just did that," she said. "Oh my God!"

"It wasn't enough to do that," he told Kris while picking his teeth. "I'll tell you that right now!"

For his last question, James gave the E! star the option of eating crickets or responding to a rumor. "I'm not eating a cricket!" Kris said. With a devilish smile, James replied, "You might be!"

"Kris, you've been spotted wearing a massive diamond ring on your wedding finger," James said. "Are you and Corey Gamble engaged?" Initially, Kris said "no" and took a long, hard look at all the crickets. Then, James asked, "Do you mean 'no, you're not going to answer,' or 'no?'"

"No!" Kris said. "I'm not going to answer!"

The camera then cut to a shot of Corey on the side of the stage, grinning from ear to ear.

"The ring's right there," James told Kris, pointing to her hand. "It's a real giveaway."

"This isn't the ring," Kris replied, to which James smiled and said, "But there is a ring!" That elicited a big laugh from Kris, who then took a bite of the cricket—and still evaded the question.

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