Watch Krystal Make Her Bachelor in Paradise Entrance

She's back, and some of the other ladies are not so thrilled on the premiere of ABC's Bachelor in Paradise

By Lauren Piester Aug 07, 2018 1:00 PMTags

Tonight marks the return of Bachelor in Paradise, and with it comes the return of a recent Bachelor villain. 

Some of us were dying to see Krystal back in action, with her incredible and somewhat confusing breathy voice. Others were not so excited, like Tia. 

In the sneak peek above, exclusive to E! News, Tia is not here to see Krystal walk down those stairs and out onto the beach (partly because she's waiting for someone very specific, but we will get to that after tonight's premiere). In fact, if she does, Tia says she'll "crawl into a hole and die." 

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"Is she really a bad person?" Eric wonders.

"Yeah..." Bibiana says. 

And so of course, the next person to walk down those stairs is none other than Krystal, and while Tia doesn't yet crawl into a hole, her voice does get concerningly high as she yells, "There she is!" 

Something tells us Bachelor in Paradise could break Tia, kind of in the same way The Bachelor broke Krystal, and Tia will most likely not be the only emotional wreck before the season is over. 

As Eric says in the clip, "This is gonna be fun." 

Bachelor in Paradise premieres tonight at 8 p.m. on ABC. 

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