The 100 Will Likely Not End With Season 6 and More CW News

CW President Mark Pedowitz spoke to reporters during the network's TCA summer press tour day on Monday

By Lauren Piester Aug 06, 2018 8:22 PMTags
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Rest easy, fans of The 100. Sort of. Kind of?

While you have yet to see tomorrow's wild finale, you can at least rest easy in terms of the fact that the show seems to be sticking around. CW President Mark Pedowitz said during the network's summer TCA press tour day that he has no plans to put an end to the series after season six. 

"I doubt it," he said when asked if it would end next season. "Jason [Rothenberg]'s doing a remarkable job of revitalizing the show and i hope it can go on for a long time." 

Whenever the show does end, you can probably bet on the fact that we will all know ahead of time. 

"We're pretty good at giving people enough time to wrap up their shows," Pedowitz said. "Look at this year: iZombie, Crazy Ex and Jane, we consciously worked with the executive producers so that they could tell the story in the right way they want to do it." 

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Rothenberg echoed that when E! News spoke to him ahead of the finale. 

"It's been a weird rollercoaster for me in the sense that like I thought I had the ending and this was not it and when we came up with [the ending of season five], I was like, I love this even more and for me this could continue," he said. "I mean it depends on how the story lands with the audience season six. ... So, I don't want it to go forever but we certainly have multiple more seasons worth of story to tell in this world."

Pedowitz also confirmed that there are no current plans to end any of the superhero shows anytime soon, and as usual, Supernatural will last as long as Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles want it to last. There are also no further spinoff plans, as Pedowitz says there is "likley no franchise" beyond the Winchesters. 

In terms of other CW updates, we're officially going to be meeting Batwoman during the annual superhero crossover, and she will then star in a pilot in contention for midseason 2019/2020. And finally, while Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina will not crossover with Riverdale as was originally thought, there is another "very different" spinoff in the works.  

The 100's season five finale airs Tuesday at 8p.m. on the CW. 

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