Relive the Terror of Riverdale's Black Hood Ahead of the Season 2 DVD Release

Remember how messed up things got in Riverdale season two?

By Lauren Piester Aug 06, 2018 2:00 PMTags

The kids of Riverdale sure went through a lot in season two. 

After the near fatal shooting of Fred Andrews and the questionably tragic death of former teacher/current predator Miss Grundy, an entity known as the Black Hood began terrorizing the town and its "sinful" residents. Specifically, the Black Hood got real close to one particular resident for what turned out to be a very creepy reason.

While you enjoy the exclusive supercut from season two above, let's remind ourselves of every wild thing the Black Hood did during his reign, and every wild thing the second Black Hood did and is still doing, just in time for the season two DVD release on Tuesday. 

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We first met the Black Hood when he walked into Pop's and shot Fred in the chest, leaving poor Mr. Andrews to nearly die and forcing a blood-covered Archie to give up on the ambulance and drive his dad to the hospital with no driver's license. 

In season two, the Black Hood set his sights on one Miss Geraldine Grundy, predator of teenage boys. She was strangled to death with a cello bow, and we still have not missed her, even if Archie (and KJ Apa) did. 

Then, the Hood went after Midge and Moose, who were guilty of drugs and sex and other sorts of teenage shenanigans. Despite the fact that they were at extremely close range, both survived being shot, proving that yes, the Black Hood wasn't very good at murdering. 

After that attack, the Black Hood mostly spent his time sending creepy open letters to the town and calling Betty on the phone to emotionally torture her, telling her that her speech made him do what he was doing, and she was just like him, and making her break up with her boyfriend and choose people to be murdered. 

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Then, in one episode, we randomly met a janitor named Joseph Svenson, who was later kidnapped by the Black Hood, then turned out to actually be the Black Hood, or did he?? 

After a confrontation with Betty and Archie, Svenson died, and it was assumed that the Black Hood died along with him, until Jughead's ever useful voiceover promised that the story wasn't over. And it wasn't! Because the Black Hood then returned to torment Betty and to murder Midge before she could make her entrance in Carrie the Musical

After some more torturous phone calls to Betty, we learned that the Black Hood was none other than her own dad, Hal Cooper, who had been inspired by her speech about being better to take up the family gig of a sinner-hunting serial killer. He wanted Betty to embrace her own dark side and join him, but instead she got him arrested, and now he's in jail.


Meanwhile, there's another Black Hood also terrorizing the town, but he was a fake Black Hood hired by Hiram Lodge. So basically this poor town has been through a lot and is most likely in for more 

Riverdale returns Wednesday, October 10 at 8 p.m. on the CW and season two will be released on DVD and Digital on Tuesday, August 7. 

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