Bachelor Nation Stars Reveal the Insane Ways They Prep to Go on the Show

What's the real cost of going on one of The Bachelor shows? We asked some of the contestants how much money they spent preparing to go on TV

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Watch: "BIP" Contestants Reveal What They Packed for Paradise

Imagine trying to pack for a two-month long vacation. Now imagine trying to pack for a televised two-month long vacation...that could possibly end on your first day. That's what contestants who go on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are attempting to do when they are picked to be on the show. And if they are asked to be on Bachelor in Paradise, well, you are now looking at potentially spending a month half-naked and sweating your face off in Mexico.

It's a lot of pressure...and can be a lot of money, depending on what you think will help give you an edge in your pursuit of love. Ahead of Bachelor in Paradise's premiere on Aug. 7, we asked members of Bachelor Nation to reveal the items or prep they deemed essential what was the most expensive item they purchased specifically for their time in front of ABC's cameras.

Bachelor in Paradise Season 5 Cast Revealed

"Literally when I was a contestant on The Bachelorette I brought three suits that I bought from Kohl's, haha! When I was the Bachelor, my wardrobe was provided for me."—Ben Higgins, star of The Bachelor season 20 and The Bachelor Winter Games

"Nike Sneakers around $150."—Joe "Grocery Store Joe" Amabile, night one of The Bachelorette season 14 and Bachelor in Paradise season 5

"I never leave home without my SkinCeuticals serums. I know that may not be 'extravagant' enough for most people...for me it is."—Kaitlyn Bristowe, star of The Bachelorette season 11 and host of the Off the Vine podcast

"Prior to going on BIP, I set my alarm during the work day to go off every hour....to remind me to drop down and do planks to get the abs right! Prior to going on The Bachelorette, I bought 15 new pairs of glasses, in addition to five new onesies. The onesies didn't make the trip since I brought 14 pairs of shoes and didn't have room!"—Diggy Moreland, The Bachelorette season 13 and Bachelor in Paradise season 4

"When I left for The Bachelorette I knew one thing and that was there was no gym so I brought some resistance bands with me. Just like I preach on my new mobile fitness and nutrition app BOOTHCAMP all you need for a full body workout is your own body weight and some resistance bands. You can literally get in a great workout anywhere you go."—Shawn Booth, The Bachelorette season 11 and health/fitness coach who recently launched his fitness and nutrition app and new gym in Nashville, both called BOOTHCAMP

"As far as most expensive item, I would say it was my gym equipment that I brought along! It was a combination of dumbbells, resistance bands/tubes, jump rope and a backpack for under $100. The biggest sacrifice though was that I had to allot for the 20 lbs of dumbbells in my suitcases which meant I had to leave a LOT of clothes behind to make the weight requirement. The struggle was REAL. #prioritiestho. This equipment got some uber love and use from the cast! So it was well worth it!"—Krystal Nielson, The Bachelor season 22 and Bachelor in Paradise season 5 

"I love make up but don't wear much of it, so when I was casted for The Bachelor I panicked. I went to MAC and spent close to $500 on an eye shadow palette, contour/ blush palette, two different types of foundation (in case I tanned), powder and lip stick. It was definitely worth it! I haven't ran out of anything yet and I don't stress when I need to glam up."—Bibiana Julian, The Bachelor season 22, The Bachelor Winter Games and Bachelor in Paradise season 5

"I would say I spent at least $1,000 for belongings before the show. I can't remember what was the most expensive, maybe the suit after getting it tailored. And the shirts and shoes."—Eric Bigger, The Bachelorette season 13, The Bachelor Winter Games and Bachelor in Paradise season 5

"I'm like the cheapest contestant to ever go on The Bachelor. I spent hardly any money both seasons. The second season, people were willing to give me stuff because it was going to be on TV. I thought everybody was doing what I was doing and not spending money. I brought hand-me downs, Forever 21 dresses. I wasn't making that much money. I couldn't afford anything."—Becca Tilley, The Bachelor seasons 19 and 20

"I didn't want to go shop for dresses for Mexico this year so I just ordered 30 from Lulus and turned my living room into a dressing room. Ended up only needing two of them so I sent the rest back."—Christen Whitney, The Bachelor season 21, Bachelor in Paradise seasons 4 and 5

"Honestly the most expensive things I spent money on is makeup. With Paradise having different weather/humidity, I had to buy all new stuff. Even for The Bachelor, I wanted to make sure I had full items of everything so it's easy to spend a couple of hundred bucks on beauty products before a show."—Astrid Loch, The Bachelor season 21 and Bachelor in Paradise season 5

—Reporting by Alli Rosenbloom, Mike Vulpo and Amanda Williams

The Bachelorette finale airs tonight at 8 p.m., and Bachelor in Paradise premieres Tuesday, Aug. 7 at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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